Rename "Preferred Pronouns" to "Pronouns"

This idea was brought up on Twitter:

Which references this blog post:

my thinking behind preferred was a couple of reasons,

  1. preferred as in “as oppose to just using my username and/or completely neutral terms”

  2. for those who may be unsure about their choice of pronouns and trying them out to find where they are comfortable, it would be their preferred but isnt necessairly their only choice as what they feel they may identify with.

However, I understand the argument against using preferred and can amend if people feel it would be the best choice.


I think it’s splitting hairs. You’re X, you call yourself X, you should be respected as X, your pronouns are Xe/Xs. Simple as that. Preferred (in the sense of “like better or best”) shouldn’t come into it at all.

The fault, as the Forbes article implies, belongs to whoever coined the term, and there’s no “fault”, really. It was a term of art at the time, well-intentioned. And there are, of course, genderfluid who “prefer” one gender over the other at times. To take away that is to marginalize them.

I’m not going to say I have the best idea or best answer here of what to do; I just don’t see any offense in preferred pronoun where one is intended. Maybe years from now if it does it can be revisited, but that’s not now.

For what its worth I think its a very minor change that we can make that just might help everyone feel legitimately included by acknowledging that its not just a perceived “best pronoun” or an “accepted pronoun”, but quite literally the pronoun they have chosen and wanted to be acknowledged by.