Re-designed Footer (WIP)

So, I know that there is way to much Padding on the footer and thus taking up valuable space on the User’s Screen, especially when it comes to smaller screens that will make everything look all smooshed together. So I re-created the entire footer and made some adjustments that I think looks good but I will let you guys decide on that.

Footer design Before and After. (Discourse won’t let me post more then one image :frowning: so I compacted it into one image):

Please feel free to drop your thoughts and Criticism in the replies as well as what you would do and how I can improve it.

Looks good! Thank you for mocking this up. Since our design is responsive, what would this look like when the browser is resized to tablet, mobile, etc?

I have some ideas on how this can be improved for both Tablet and Mobile. I will keep this post as WIP. I think the socials can be all in a dropdown menu but the NavButtons like Events, Blog Posts and General Sitemap will be tricky.

I quite like it, but I think I still like the idea of the bottom being in the darker colour that the social icons are on originally.

Assuming you mixed up the before and after titles, I really like the slimmer look. Looks clean, uniform and if Elon Musk keeps steering Twitter into the ground, we might be able to drop that social link altogether and even up the icon split.

Personally I disagree since I think it stands out from the rest of the section too much which I personally find a tad jarring tbh but that’s mostly based on how it is now so maybe it’s worth trying a mock up.

Errr…lemme fix that immediatly. Confusion will happen here.

That I can 100% understand. Thank you for your feedback.

Fixed the Mockup. Thank you for letting me know.

Since you mentioned that uneven Icons, I was thinking of adding a Merch Icon there to even the listing as well.

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That makes sense to me! Good shout

No, thank you for pointing this out. I thought they matched well but I guess my eyesight must have been weak.

Alrighty guys, Managed to get the Mobile Version done so here it is.

As always, let me know your thoughts, what you would do and what I should change up.