Rating servers after u start a raid

Hey guys, I’m new to this platform. I literally just started like not too long ago. I’ve had my account for quiet a while but haven’t got around to streaming yet. I was just going to make a suggestion if you guys really liked this feature about rating a streamer like whenever your raiding another streamer you can also use use a rate button if you know what I’m getting at like right the streamer if they are good quality content and they can also have good quality streaming community. This will be very good for this glimish community if they actually had a rate section when you start rating somebody it will be actually very :sunglasses::cool: like when you rate enough people or when they get rated enough they would have a gold star that their quality content is good enough to stream and the higher quality of glimesh

I can see the benefits of this and the appeal too but I personally don’t think it fits for Glimesh. I think everyone should judge a channel for themselves by simply watching it rather than it becoming too much about a streamer’s rating. It distracts from what’s arguably the best thing Glimesh has going for it… there’s absolutely no pressure to stream, thus you can feel more free to stream what you feel like whenever you feel like rather than trying to cater for what you think people want to see. That’s why everyone is randomized when browsing channels and why you don’t see viewer counts until you’re already watching.

Either way I look forward to checking out your stream whenever you’re ready for your official debut

Im not a fan of rating a channel/streamer as its very subjective if i dont like somebody doesnt mean others in my community will feels the same so i would hope that my community would go on the raid and make a choice to either support or not go back plain and simple without all the extra pressure.

in many cases i have had my community from previous sites reach out to me once i have left the raided channel and say Lord please dont go there again and then list reasons why. I think this builds better community focus so i see no need for a rating systemt on Glimesh

If this were to be used to sort channels based on rating, then this sounds like a worse variation of follow-for-follow. I could see it working well as private feedback for the person who sent the raid though.

If the chat likes the streamer who was raided, then the originating streamer gets to know what their chat does/doesn’t like - rather than just raiding their friends - which would result in raiders sticking around longer.

I think it could also be useful to serve up channel recommendations to viewers/followers in the originating channel. That way it’s less about “highest rated streamer” and more “viewers like you also liked…”

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Where I can imagine rating becoming useful is more so when we try and curate streams for users based on others they follow. Maybe for example you’re able to privately “like” a streamer (no negative action like dislike). Then anyone who follows you could have a higher chance to see that streamer the next time they are live.

Or you could even use likes on a per-visit per-stream basis, so if you are enjoying the current content you can hit a like button. The streamer could then see during their last stream they had a good amount of viewers and a good amount of likes. Could be useful for self improvement.

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