Random Fun Posts

So what are some thoughts of making a collection of just some daily fun posts we could be sharing on socials?

Thinking it would be nice to have a handful of posts that we could schedule that will fit being posted at anytime that would be fun ones we can encourage engagement with. And if we can get a nice list going and scheduled I think we can work towards keeping the social accounts a lot more lively.

Any suggestions please share. I think GIFs and pictures would be welcome as well.


I want to add this as a keep in mind. The goal of these wouldn’t be just to get impressions but to give the community something fun to interact with us on. Empty impressions and inflated numbers aren’t something we want to go with but true fun interactions.

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Ask people what their favorite moment on Glimesh has been so far. Doesn’t necessarily have to be their stream or even a stream at all (someone, for example, could comment about something witty they read in the forums). It helps to point out and bolster the community.


i def. like the idea!
we have to come up with a lot of ideas tho to not make it too repetitive too quickly :+1:

Get random Glimdrops in an image and add a scenario that pairs people up with them.


4 Glimdrop pics. You get to pick one Glimdrop to help you in a Zombie apocalypse who are you taking?

Get a Glimdrop for each letter of the Alphabet. Your stuck on an island with the Glimdrop that matches the first letter of your social handle. You ever getting off the island?

Who’s that Glimdrop, like who’s that pokemon kinda thing. Either shadow them out OR just pixelate/distort them enough to make it harder to tell.

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