Proposal for new Building Glimesh Glimdrop

Hey all,

I propose making this little construction Glimdrop the official mascot for building Glimesh.

There were some early suggestions to use a wrench however, I went with the already made GlimHammer as I felt it was the perfect addition to the image.

Feedback on both the design itself, and the consideration for mascot are welcome! :slight_smile:


Looks great! Discourse asks for two main formats for embedding the image:

I made two of the hastily to see how it looks. Do you want to try making these two images yourself so they don’t look like :poop:?

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Yeah that’s not a problem, any particular colour you want for the background, or do you want it blank? :slight_smile:

Hrm, transparent may be best. Then we can use it for light and dark modes!


An inital concept for the banner, feel free to reject.

Another idea I had was a wood sign with like a painted “buiilding glimesh” on it, but i felt that wouldn’t be as “modern” in look against this version I am putting through :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think!

Its also may be of use or may not, this is all SVG so if you would prefer SVG files let me know :slight_smile:


and thats the 120 version - think its 120x109? let me know if it needs tweaking at all :slight_smile:


Love the text on blueprint, but you kind of lose those details when it’s shrunk down. Maybe just the blue color and slightly bold (and/or uppercase text) for legibility?

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Drop the linework off entirely you mean? Or just the triangles. I spent forever drawing those lines :sweat_smile: I totally forgot how it would look when scaled down, still learning haha.

Ill give it a try, thanks for the feedback, appreciate it. Will update again shortly :slight_smile: !

  1. glimconstructbanner2
  2. glimconstructbanner3
  3. glimconstructbanner4
  4. glimconstructbanner5
  5. glimconstructbanner6
  6. glimconstructbanner7
  7. glimconstructbanner8
  8. glimconstructbanner9

Sorry for the spam, heres various options, from bold text, to text like the original, with and without various elements. At the very least I think we should keep the graph lines, while they may not be as obvious at smaller scale they are still noticeable and I feel improve the overall look of the image.

I have also numbered each one so if there is a specific one you wish to discuss please just use the number so we know which is which, thanks all.

All to the scale (i THINK) - still learning Inkscape but any issues let me know.

has banned self from using the smile emote

I added this one to the site header. I think it looks good, however the blueprint part feels a bit squished? I wonder if making the blueprint 3:1 as well would make it feel a bit better inside the nav bar.

3:1 would look something like this:


Number 4 is more what I had in mind, but I think #2 also works (bold text). Making it uppercase would help with 3:1 as you could reduce line-height too.

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  1. glimconstructbanneruppcasebold
  2. glimconstructbannerlowercase
  3. glimconstructbannerboldlowercase
  4. glimconstructbanneruppcase

Sorry for the spam, someone else could probably do this in half the time, its the scaling I fall down on, ive only recently picked up learning how to do digital art and vectors. Hopefully this is better? cc: @ramireztime

I like all of the designs, but the way they look in the nav bar ends up being out of proportion! I’m out of my element here I think rofl

I have 1 applied on the site now!

yep i see what you mean (also being able to scroll up while still replying is exceptional btw)

I have half an idea! Bare with me. I also now see what ramirez was saying re: all the detail gets lost, i didnt realise it would be that small.

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Try that, if you think it needs tweaking let me know, but its now a combination of how your text was positioned and keeping the blue background to help it pop whether light or dark mode is used :slight_smile:

Applied to the site.

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I don’t think it looks as clean as it could if that makes sense?

At this point I actually prefer how you had it with your font before honestly, which could be just because I am overly critical of myself, or could be because it did actually look better. Perhaps people can offer some further insight into what they think, or if they think it works as is. :slight_smile:

Finding the right typeface or “font” is always a challenge depending on use. What if you extend the blueprint to the edges? Using Inter typeface for type.



I love it so much! Just added it to the nav bar and it looks great!

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Looks great when you scroll too!


Oh that looks much better! genius!

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