Promotion Program

I would like to be able to share a personalized link as like an affiliate to help the brand grow and in return we get something back for helping the platform grow

Affiliate links are always an interesting idea. How do you envision this working? What kind of rewards do you think would be good? What determines getting a reward, just a 1 to 1 link sign up or should there be requirements, cooldowns, etc? When you think of how this could work for Glimesh, what do you see?

To me this is a rocky slope that I think is unnecessary. But that might be just me. Then again I’m probably not envisioning what you mean very well.

I am also biased because Twitch taught me to despise the idea of any kind of status like affiliate or partner, especially since Glimesh has shown that we don’t need that sort of thing.

Either way can you give more specific examples of what kind of setup you’re suggesting?

I can see this working out without having the Affiliate/Partner program stuff that Twitch has. Glimesh has survived without that but having an affiliate program that anyone can opt-in would be great where we get incentives for helping the platform grow on our other social media websites including other streaming platforms we’re part of.

I think people are getting hung up on the word “affiliate”. This would be a referrals program - you bring people to glimesh and get some sort of kickback

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Guilty :raised_hand:

A referral program sounds great though. I wonder what kind of “kickback” though. Maybe something like refer 50 people, get a t-shirt? Maybe a community-wide referral goal where we can all work together to unlock new merch? But then again, accounts are really easy to make so I would worry that such a thing could be exploited

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Then make it something like: refer someone, they stream for at least 10 hours total on Glimesh, which qualifies both parties for a “kickback” or referral incentive as an example.