Promoting Glimesh to Open Source Audiences

This platform has been struggling to advertise to new users to join Glimesh. One aspect of Glimesh I believe that hasn’t been advertised as much is that Glimesh is open source. I first found out about Glimesh and took interest in it because it is the only open source streaming platform that doesn’t require users to self-host their own server. As well, for its transparency and not selling user data to advertisers. That and the rise of other open source alternative social media such as Mastodon and Odysee show that there’s a niche but substantial audience of open source enthusiasts and content creators. The problem I see is that not many people from this group have heard of Glimesh before, and that taking steps to promote the site to them would help increase the user-base.

There could be many ways to promote this to the open source audience.

  1. Doing a Reddit post on open source subreddits promoting the platform as an open source streaming platform.
  2. Contacting open source enthusiast streamers about trying the platform or to restream their content over to Glimesh.
  3. Creating a Glimesh Mastodon account to promote your service there. Like what Tutanota and Bitwarden have been doing with success. You can use software that syncs Twitter posts with Mastodon to not have to manage two separate sites for posts.

I just believe that there’s untapped potential with this audience that Glimesh hasn’t fully taken advantage of. I hope you consider my suggestion and provide feedback because I believe there is so much potential in Glimesh. Thank You.

Well said. I don’t frequent the open source communities enough to know where to poke them, but hopefully others can chime in with ideas.