Pay moderators a % cut from subs

An idea from the Trello board.

It was suggested that we could have creators elect to donate/pay a % cut of their subs to their moderation team. The idea being that mods work so hard for the creators but quite often it goes unrecognised in any sort of formal way.

The idea would be that the creators could set an amount and each payout that amount would be redirected to the moderator, and paid out in the same manner as our weekly payouts for sub cuts.

There are some things we would have to work through.

  • Ensuring the moderators sign up to the monetisation program
  • Work out if the amount set should be per moderator (x% each) or a combined amount to be split up (x% of total income, split equally between mods)
  • Do some mods deserve more than other mods? Does this lead to issues of unequal pay, or mods feeling they deserve more than another mod, etc
    Are these more issues for the creator to handle to ensure they are paying fairly?


I think there is a grey area too this. If a streamer is paying a moderator for their work it could be seen as that moderator earning a wage as an employee rather than any role which is based on free time/volunteer. Even if it is way below any minimum required by law, as such there may be taxes etc associated and i think we should avoid being involved in that.

If a streamer wants to thank a moderator I am sure they can arrange to donate them money or paypal them etc. I don’t believe its something we should personally get involved in though as tax wise it could become a nightmare.


There could be additional transaction fees involved on our end as well. I fear legal/financial issues may make this unfeasible.

Normalizing being paid for being a mod could have negative implications as well. If a streamer wants to pay their mods, good for them, but I don’t think it’ something glimesh should get involved in

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I have thought about this from several angles and I don’t think there is a way to do this without becoming super complicated tax wise or super sketchy labor wise.

Essentially if a streamer is paying mods from their own pocket they still need to 1099 them in the US or collect a W8 from them outside of the US. Or follow whatever tax laws are in their country. This would be a huge privacy issue if we somehow help facilitate this.

If Glimesh was paying them a portion of the sub cut before giving it to the streamer we would be responsible to collect the tax information just like we do with streamers but what becomes odd is the labor side in this. If a streamer is becoming a tyrant over their mods and “requiring” things that are like employment then Glimesh is the one cutting the check and would be the one responsible for that mods work. We could essentially write up TOS surrounding this but it would open up a can of worms that can become a slippery slope if someone were to complain to a labor department. Even though it is the streamers money we are essentially paying out.

What I think though could be a good idea would be a support article on “How To Pay Your Mods” which roughly explains some of the responsibilities of paying mods and how to do it “properly”. This way if someone does want to pay mods we can have a support article that we can point people to help them get it started without becoming directly responsible for doing it.

What I have planned to do is to make my moderators panels with links either to their kofis or channel so that they’re in charge of whatever monetary or stream support they would like. That way they have options with how you support them. My mods told me they’ll refuse payment so this would be my way of helping them out :slight_smile:

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It would. You would have to (at least in the US) report that data to the IRS and state tax agencies, as well as any municipality that has employment tax (there are a few out there). And again, that’s just the US.