Page updates for old info

So one area I think we could make some improvements on is making sure our pages are all up to date. We have had a handful of changes and there are some out of date pages / info out there.

My suggestion is small updates that are needed can be posted here in the replies. Anything that will require some work (think FAQ’s) will become a thread of its own.

This is one of the first I was thinking of and this mimics the #how-to-contribute section in the discord. I will start a new thread but if there are other updates that can be suggested please feel free to throw them here.

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4 months ago I pointed out a bug / change required to the Team page as it still mentions the Discords volunteer channel. To this day that hasn’t been changed either and people have at times still come and ask where that is. I think updating that page and linking it to this forum will help them really find out where they can help.

[ Edited cause I checked and it was four months ago that I mentioned it ]

While I agree this does need to be corrected, I don’t think that it’s causing a huge amount of confusion, as they can just ask when they get to the discord. As for people still coming and asking where it is, where is that happening at? It’s definitely not in the Glimesh discord. Until I can get that fixed I’d like to know where these people are so that I can help them.

This has now been updated and corrected. You can see the change live here: The Team - Glimesh