Original Ideas from the Discord

Hi all,

As we are all aware the marketing stuff originally started over in Discord, there was a document which collated ideas as they came in and there are still some of those ideas left on the sheet. I was wondering how people felt about bringing these over to here, either with each idea set up as its own thread or if i pop each idea under a category i.e. “static images”, “blog ideas”, “Glimtips” and so on. Alternatively each idea as its own post, but tagged with the specific category it fits within?

Just so that there is a record of them somewhere now we have moved on from the Discord, they don’t get lost and could potentially be picked up again in the future.

I think flooding the forum might not be a good thing.

What if we put all the suggestions as separate replies here and maybe if they get enough hearts we can make it into its own thread or if someone else wants to make it into its own thread they can?