October Holidays


Are there any of these holidays that we as Glimesh would like to celebrate?

I was curious if there was plans for Thanksgiving. Given that it’s typically a positively looked at holiday and doesn’t have religious origins. Though admittedly it is a NA holiday. But I’m a child of the snow and celebrate in October where as the Nov date is likely to be the more popular one.

I can imagine us having some kind of Fall themed stuff. To be honest just haven’t gotten that far at this point.

I did forget to clarify one thing on the Holiday list there is a day, month, week view. I am mostly looking at the Month and Day views.

International day of non-violence - Oct 2
World teachers day - Oct 5
World food day - Oct 16
International animation day - Oct 28

I think non-violence is a cause we can all get behind and fits with glimesh’s values. The last 3 could certainly be used to promote the Art and Education categories on glimesh.

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World Mental Health Day - even if its just an acknowledgement of it, I feel mental health is important to a lot of our community.

World Animal Day I can see being fun, encourage people to share their fluffy, scaley, spikey, feathered babies with us on twitter and in their streams etc. Its just a cute fun thing <3 We have things like chickencam, lets appreciate them :smiley:

Cake Day I think would be fun to do with more planning next year mebbe, organise a cook off to make and decorate the best Glimesh themed cake - with the decoration being done on stream on Glimesh.

Back to the Future day I think we could come up with a fun graphic, similar to how we did for Star Wars day, doesn’t need to be some big holiday themed thing, but some fun.

National Pumpkin and Black Cat day - Mebbe as part of inktober we schedule the Cat and Pumpkin glimdrops before these dates then share the submissions of those specifically on those days :slight_smile:

Halloween. Because Halloween. Biggest party of the year (imo). I am sure many streamers will be streaming horror and spooky games etc, we should really bring the community together with this one here.

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