Non-Gaming Software Tags/DB

Since there’s been a hullaballoo about tags as of late, I’d like to see about a new type of tag as well, because some of it comes into confusion otherwise, especially if you plan to do a cleanup and merge (as mentioned in the other tag discussion).

For example, a lot of artists like to put the type of software they use and for the most part that’s not a problem: I illustrate, but I use Adobe Illustrator to denote my software. But sometimes that’s not so easy: I make fonts, so thus I am a font creator, but I use High-Logic Font Creator as my fontmaking software. But since High-Logic Font Creator is apparently too long for a tag (even HL Font Creator seems to be), I end up having to use Font Creator as a tag. Now, under a merger scenario, I can easily see a layman or someone not familiar with the software merging Font Creator and fontmaking (another tag I use) because without context, they mean the same thing. But now a useful tag has been removed, and while I can easily add it in again, there’s no protection if a subsequent tag merger goes down the line.

This can be especially problematic since High-Logic themselves have created a Glimesh account in order to pop into my stream for time to time to answer questions and interact with my audience and possibly even do future streams themselves. I don’t doubt the same issues may arise for musicians and some IRL software folks (3D printers?).

So my suggestion is this: gaming pulls from a known database of games; is there a way to link to a known database for non-gaming categories to pull from (or maybe even create one if none exists?) I realize this may be onerous, as there’s a ton of non-gaming software out there and it can get out of hand fast. But it’s been something on my mind and so I thought I’d mention it.

sounds to me like the real problem here is the tag length limit being too short to suit your (and others) needs.

with the High-Logic Font Creator tag its likely the use of “-” which is causing the issue as you can’t have special characters in the tags. Though without the dash it is also too long, yes.

HL Font creator though I am able to set without issue.

That might be the issue. I know that some software can definitely get wordy in the name (Corel Paint Shop Pro X, for example) but even I realize that at some point tags are not tweets. :grin: But length might need to be extended.