New Year's Eve Countdown Event?

I wasn’t sure if this would be achievable for this year since its right around the corner or if we have enough people yet to pull it off, or if we should hold off until raids become available, BUT I would love to see an event held either on new year’s eve or a holiday event where the community counts down together and just hangs out. I think its important to start traditions on the platform and build the community more.

The way I would see it happening is to release a set schedule of people who host their event in their current time zone then after that person finishes their countdown and wraps up their event they go raid the next time zone. For example if someone hosts the EST countdown from the East coast they raid someone in CST who is set to stream next.

This would be a great way to set up watch parties, charities, and just pass the fun along throughout the day and meet a lot of new people.

(Side note: I’m unsure if I would be able to participate in streaming myself because of IRL stuff and health but if someone else wanted to, I’d definitely be down to help plan, watch, and hang out if I can if this were to happen. I would 100% love to participate in the future if I am able to)

This is a super cute idea I love it honestly. Whether its feasible right now I don’t know, but I for sure would love to see this happen in the future 100%

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I’d love to see it too, I feel like similar events on other holidays and stuff could also work too and be a ton of fun.

Also, if at some point if there are a lot of people wanting to host the community could vote on a host

Fun idea, although I’m sure I’m going to be invited to an IRL event so not likely id be around.

That’s definitely fair and expected. IRL is definitely important. I personally just watch streams and hang out and chill at home :sweat_smile: it would definitely give me something to during those type of events and I’d be able to hang out with online friends.

Perhaps if there is not an “official” Glimesh round the clock event we could look to asking streamers who are hosting new years event celebrations on stream to let the events team know. We could log it on the events calendar and then people who can/want to take part in such celebrations can do so and find those who are doing so with ease. Though for such an idea I suspect we would need to look to @Paco1342 for his thoughts :slight_smile:


My thoughts are that it’s an awesome idea! As was mentioned earlier, I’m not sure we could effectively get it all together by this year’s event, but I would love this becoming a tradition on Glimesh! I think it is, at the very least, worth some good discussion to find out exactly how feasible it is and what all we would need to make it happen! Using the Events calendar would definitely help people know when and where to be. There is potential to make this a really fun event. Great idea, @Inspire!

You guys talking about the events calendar and all the talk about the art stuff the community was doing last night actually what made me think of this. With a calendar it would be easier letting everyone know what’s going on and I’m sure if it were announced on social media and on discord the event could get some attention.

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