New name for Raiding

I like the idea of “Dropping in”

“Manne dropped in with 6 guests”

Or alternatively, let people choose their raid names.


A unique name for each person would be interesting for sure!

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Dropping in is my favorite one I’ve heard so far tbh it sounds so cute.


what about calling it a “Rally”?

even before hate raids were a thing raiding was always a playful use of a term for an aggressive/violent invasive act (by its classic/literal definition). For this reason I don’t think “glimvading” is a much better alternative.

In my mind, a rally (by its classic/literal definition) is more of a positive event, to get people excited about a cause; It’s about people coming together, and creating hype. it is also close enough to the original term that people can figure out what it means without an explanation. people also often use a hashtag/phrase when raiding, which could be a “rally cry”

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Rally is cool and I love the idea of it being a rally cry too.

Another one I saw during GCTalks, I unfortunately can’t remember who suggested it now but it was “spotlighting” which is also nice.

There are so many amazing sounding options out there, its hard to choose one I like most!

OOoooo Rally is nice! I like that. I feel Glimvasion is pretty cool it is a bit of a mouthful to say in normal conversation and also does sound a little aggressive. Rally seems a much more positive feeling and also easier to say!

“rally” makes me think too much of American politics where everyone is always holding a rally to do some …“stuff” but it is still better than “raid” or anything that seems like “invasion” imo.

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I’ll take the credit for this on lol

That’s EXACTLY my first thoughts about the term “rally” it honestly makes me kinda cringe. I don’t want any sort of potential association with politics personally. There’s too much drama surrounding politics and it would suck if people ended up utilizing the term for political based content on here (not that there’s anything wrong with political channels and educational channels about politics). I also know the term isn’t intended to be political, but the past couple years here in the US its turned into one.

Dropping in/dropping by still stands as my favorite one so far. I just imagine a bunch of parachuting glimdrops (aka viewers) falling into someone else’s community :pleading_face: also its just VERY on brand lol. Kinda gives Fortnite vibes too.

IMO it just rolls off the tongue very easily too. For example: “Alright guys, lets go drop by our friend _____'s stream and show them some love” or “Thanks for dropping by ______ with your community! Hope you had a great stream!”

There’s also added bonus points because I’m a sucker for puns ngl lol


Do we get $50 in Glimbucks if we refer three people?

Because to me, that term smacks of pure marketing smarminess. I know you likely didn’t think of that this way, but I’ve seen way too many emails that do that and I can’t be the only one. My snarky comment above is almost word for word taken from one of those types of mails.

And as for rally, I’m in agreement - reminds me way too much of American politics as of late.

I’m behind Glimvasion, personally.

yea, I can definitely understand the word association for americans with the word rally. “referral” I think is just not an accurate description - typically it means you get paid/compensated for sending people their way. I like the sound of “dropping in” though


“dropping in” fits well with the idea of Glimdrops too.

*also I envision little glimdrops with parachutes dropping into streams. Definitely think its a neat fit for sure :slight_smile:


I always liked the idea of “Glimvasion” but the more I think on it, the more “Drop in” sounds great!

I’m envisoning a tooltip that says “Finished with your stream? Drop in on your favorite streamer, and bring your friends with!” or something along those lines.