New name for Raiding

Raiding is overused and can be mistaken for another platform. I have a few suggestions for what to call it.

  • Dropping
  • Glamouring
  • Drop-In
  • Drop
  • Storming
  • Swooping
  • Routing

If others have suggestions then please post them here.

while the names are cute, people coming from other platforms will be looking for support for “raiding” and won’t know what the heck “dropping” (or whatever name) is. This seems to me like a solution looking for a problem that isn’t there


It is the developers wanting to name it something other than Raiding.

I think another one I have heard used which i think @Paco1342 coined was “glimvasion” which is also fun :3


Yeah, can’t recall where I’d heard it, but “glimvading” has always been on my mind.

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It wasn’t me, but I do think it’s a pretty great name XD

Call it the “Glimrush”


As much as I would love to see something that really gives it a Glimesh vibe, I am not convinced we need to reinvent the wheel. So many creators from other platforms are used to the raiding name and general mechanic (hosting after a stream) that if we stray away from it we could potentially just be causing confusion.

Also the best raids I have seen/been apart of they always have their own raid call that is relevant to their communities, and that is something I would love to see more of here as a way to brand/market their raid.


Maybe just have a group of incoming ‘raiders’ and call them a team of something. ie Glimsquad rather than having a new term for it. So the receiving streamer would just say that the ‘raiding’ streamer has brought their Glimsquad with them. If a term was still needed for this then it could be ‘partying up’.

I believe a concept like this would be best as a platform to remain with the industry standard but the community as a whole can define it how best suits their community.

If we as a community band together on what we call it I don’t think it will matter so much what the button is called. If we use a particular term it will eventually over time become a staple word for Glimesh streamers.


I honestly think we should be calling it glimvading, for multiple reasons:

  1. It lets Glimesh stand out. Raiding is a generic term, but glimvading is a Glimesh term.
  2. Given the recent “hate raids”, having a different term might help to offset the issue. Even though I don’t expect raid to go away as a result of this, it shows Glimesh as proactive, even if not intended
  3. At the risk of being crass (which is why I mention it last), it helps to bolster the brand identity of Glimesh all the more. Raiding is a Twitch thing, and it could have remained a Twitch thing. But it got genericized and so you raid on Twitch, Trovo, Brime, etc.
  4. Last but not least, it was community driven, not from the top down, which goes in line with Glimesh’s ethos.

I’m not saying that it’s reinventing the wheel , but rather an enhancement of the wheel.


This might sound stupid to others, but I personally don’t like the term “glimvaiding” because of the association withe the word “invading”, which is of course invasive.

The one suggested above of “GlimRush” sounds a lot better.

I personally disable raids on my channel, but the idea of being invaded just makes what I dislike about raids feel even worse.

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I do think Raiding is the wrong term but I worry with the ‘Support’ button already being different, if we reinvent the week for Raiding too, people arent going to be able to just come and use Glimesh and find all the features easily…


Maybe I put too much faith in people’s intelligence lol. I know when I join a new platform / service / program / app, etc. I don’t expect everything to be the same as it was on some other platform. To me it’s like saying I expect Macs to have all the same terminology as Windows PCs because that’s what I used before.

But I get it because we’re trying to make it as simple as possible to have people transition without thinking… I just don’t like it haha

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And you shouldn’t. Each site/service/etc. has their own verbage. Let’s take microblogging, for example:
Twitter: tweet
FB: post post, later pump, then post again (hell, they can’t even standardize)
Google Buzz (when it existed): buzzes
Google Wave/Apache Wave: waves

And that just covers the ones I can think about immediately. No idea what Parler, MeWe, Friendster, etc. call theirs. Different services, different names.

So, why should Glimesh be raiding (which was originally Twitch, now genericized)? People are going to pretty much figure out that a Glimvasion (or whatever we ultimately call it) is going to be the local raid term.

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This might be naive but do we need to name it? I mean I’m pretty sure most platforms didn’t at first or at all. A raid was simply a “Host” at the end of the stream with a large number of viewers and then the community took to calling it a “Raid”. I think the greater community will decide what to call it regardless of what it’s labeled internally.


I do prefer the term ‘Host’ actually :slight_smile:

I’m a fan of keeping it nice a generic/neutral with hosting etc and then the community can call it whatever they like.

Different creators can call it different things too.

“Okay guys I am wrapping up, let’s go raid this person”


“That’s all from me, let’s go and glimvade my good friend over here”



Problem is, Hosting isn’t the same thing as Raiding. You can Host someone without Raiding. For example, here’s Twitch’s explanation on it. Twitch page on Hosting

What about calling it a Referral?