Name pronunciation in parentheses next to name

I think it would be nice to have the name pronunciation in parentheses next to the profile name, because like my name some don’t know how to pronounce it and i know there are some out there that are also different, some with numbers and other characters to spell the name.

I really like the idea of having it displayed somewhere for the people that need it, but if so, somewhere it wont take up a ton of space if that makes sense. Like on hover over name or on profile in the same place where it shows pronouns. Also if its optional that would be good because on my username i dont think people would need it, where as on like Twitch for example my username was InspirexHer and the x would always throw people off.

On the other hand, I do worry that this is something that would have to be monitored because I think people would take advantage and abuse it and it would end up having to be something the team would have to monitor just like with usernames. Especially people that like to use innuendos for their names.

I personally would just put it in my about section (if needed) and it would save a lot of hassle.

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I can see that being one of those neat little QoL features honestly. Much like Inspire said though it would be a case of how without cluttering things too much in what is already some pretty tight spaces as the chat box I don’t honestly think would fit it fully there, we could offer it up on the profile but then that means anyone entering a streamers chat, that streamer would than have to go to their profile etc. The hover over is definitely something which is the most… logical? I guess.

Definitely an interesting consideration though, and I would imagine a welcome feature for some streamers. :sweat_smile:

It’s definitely something that would greatly benefit come people while providing zero benefit to others. Not to say that is a bad thing, that’s just the nature of some features! Much like pronouns, not everybody wants to use them but for the ones that do it can mean a lot. I’d think it’s likely that unless we come up with some complicated and technical way of implementing it, this is likely one of those small features that will sit on a list for “side projects” that people can contribute while focus remains on the big features from the dev team (again, much like pronouns). I do like the idea of having it, I know for some people it would make life much easier lol. I also like the possibility of adding it on mouse-over, that makes it so that it’s available and easy to check if you want, while not taking up any of the very precious real estate in the chat box.

This would make my life a lot easier :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like pronunciation is something that is better communicated verbally vs with a pronunciation key. It’s not like people will be saying your name to you out loud in text chat. This seems like clutter to me, that could just as easily be put in ones bio. There is no need to have a dedicated field for it. I don’t think mis-pronouncing a username is offensive the way misgendering someone with the wrong pronouns might be.

…this is coming from someone whos name gets pronounced wrong all the time :laughing:

Isn’t it possible to have a popup when you hover over something? The pronunciation can display when someone hovers their mouse over the username