Multistreaming integrated within the platform

Are there any more plans for multi streaming through Glimesh? On that note: multistream chat and bot? Cheers

If I’m not mistaken the current solution would be getting Rtmp finished, which would allow multistreaming through Restream and possibly Slobs.
There are chat/bot solutions already like Mix it Up bot which can combine chats.

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Restream has it’s own “multi chat”. And yes ftl is better then rtmp but Glimesh can’t be a stand-alone platform for creators, not just yet. One more thing, my bot I meant commands that can be used with Glimesh to help creators with the day to day questions by creating automated answers

It should be noted that Aircast already supports Glimesh.


Its doesn’t make sense for Glimesh to directly integrate multistreaming to other platforms into Glimesh. We want to use multistreaming as a tool to transition streamers over to glimesh and familiarize them with it. Glimesh is all about community; A strong Glimesh community is much harder to develop when a large portion of the viewers are not on Glimesh. Financially also, it doesn’t make sense to actively encourage them to stream elsewhere as well. Are they free to multistream? absolutely! should we give them all the tools needed to do so at our own expense? absolutely not. RTMP is a great way for glimesh to enable more people to stream here (removing some of the roadblocks FTL creates), while also making multistreaming easier for a lot of people. I think adding low latency RTMP is as far as we should go when it comes to multistreaming.

Regarding Glimesh making its own official/integrated bot, I don’t think it is a good idea to step on the toes of third party devs. we should give 3rd P devs the tools to do it themselves, not do it for them

Have you ever streamed before? I proposed this idea because I want to relocate to Glimesh, I like the platform but, even tho the discoverability within the platform is good, not many people have heard of Glimesh. It makes no sense build a platform with streamers with no viewers. I am all for community, this is why I think multistream inbuilt could be a good thing so streamers can redirect viewers to Glimesh because it is their main platform. Otherwise Glimesh can become only a follow for follow scheme.

It does but it’s a subscription based service.

I’m sorry, but I don’t buy this. Brime has integrated streaming and has even less people than Glimesh does. Whether that’s due to how the site is run, people still thinking of the Brime prank from which the site takes its name or a billion other reasons, I don’t think multistreaming will work on Glimesh. IIRC, that takes a lot more people and resources than the site has available to them and a burnt-out development team isn’t really going to do any good before.

Besides, YMMV on this, but I’ve found multistreaming to be a chore, honestly. It has its uses, I’m not going to deny that, and I’ve used Aircast when I could. But ones like restream and splitstream don’t so much as unify a streamer’s audience so much as silo them - people on Twitch can’t see what the Glimesh audience says and vice versa.

Brime has had a way shorter life then Glimesh, of course it will have less people overall. Brime has multistream integrated, multi-chat and a chatbot inbuilt into the platform. They did their part on making sure that the streamers have exposure, even outside their platform. After that, it’s the streamers choice to bring people in the platform because he actually likes the platform. Glimesh is indirectly acting like Twitch since the beginning. Twitch has an exclusivity contract for affiliates and partners, Glimesh has FTL therefore either you stream on Glimesh or you stream everywhere else. FTL is a good technology but it’s still too new in the industry so only a few platforms can handle it. So we are back to the same point as before. What’s the point of having a lot of streamers if there are barely any viewers?

Well, Brime was started before Glimesh :stuck_out_tongue:

Though we’re not formally against adding it, there’s no current plans to add first-party support for re-streaming. Meaning having an area inside Glimesh where you can directly stream to other platforms (similar to Brime). I agree with the above points where we don’t really want to advertise other streaming platforms inside ours.

It’s likely Glimesh will take an app store approach, so in the future someone could make an app (paid or free) where you could click one button to install a 3rd party addon that automatically re-streams to Twitch (for example).

Thanks for the suggestion!

That would be good! Or even just open a rtmp output so services like can be used alongside Glimesh.

We are currently working on a custom low-latency RTMP option. That should alleviate some issues with third party services using RTMP URLs!

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According to this page custom RTMP requires their paid $16 standard service. If you are already streaming to more than 2 services (as I suspect many users are) then it should already be included in your plan. Hopefully they will add Glimesh RTMP as a built-in service (free tier) once it is rolled out. If you only need to stream to 2 RTMP services than SLOBS will do that for free (at the cost of your own bandwidth).

If you want zero FTL latency (use glimesh as input) , and a lower cost, then aircast may be a better option for you.

We hope to work with other broadcast services (eg. lightstream, xsplit) to get glimesh RTMP added as well