Move Channel Settings into a "Dashboard"-like Layout

As the feature-set offered by Glimesh grows, it may be necessary to provide a more organized area for streamers to access their settings, tools, help articles, and relevant updates on new features.

To this end, I have a few ideas and I welcome feedback:

The Settings Page

Here’s what the current and proposed settings page navigation bar would look like:

Clicking “Streamer Dashboard” would open a new browser tab. Streamers could also bookmark a URL such as which would take them to their dashboard if they are logged in.

Dashboard Landing Page

Upon opening their dashboard, the streamer would be presented with a landing page like the following:

From here a streamer can access all the settings pages that exist today with room for more later. As part of this, I propose breaking up some of our larger settings pages into smaller sections. For instance, the Moderators page currently contains the list of moderators, banned users, and logs whereas in the new dashboard those could exist separately under a “Moderation” subhead.

Optional Customizable Section

This section wouldn’t have much use in the current feature-set, but in the future this may provide an easier way to access frequently used tools via a large button. In the meantime, I could see this section containing stream information (title, category, tags) in an easy to reach space.

What about the current modals on the stream page?

With the advent of a dashboard, I think we could do away with the edit button next to the stream title on the stream page as this will be more easily managed on the dashboard.

Obviously, these are very rough ideas at the moment so please hit me with your thoughts and ideas!

I have been arguing for this forever! That would be very much welcome and appreciated.