Merchandise Discussion

So I wanted to open up some discussion about merch and how we want to handle it.

At the moment it seems kind of empty and I think that we could be utilizing it a bit more for advertising purposes ex. giving away merch in contests, encouraging people to show it off on social media, and just helps with word of mouth. It can also be a small extra source of income but I think we should avoid using it for that and look to it as more of a tool for advertisement.

Right now though I think that it is a bit hazy as to what it entailed to getting merch made, if we want to continue with our current provider, and how do we want to go about getting designs / approval of designs.

But hoping to open up the discussion around some of those points and would love to see some more merch come through. I would certainly be willing to help facilitate that happening as well. I know we have a handful of designs in Discord that I think could be quick additions.

@Paco1342 was recently working on some new stuff, worth getting his input here.


Actually, I’ll chime in. At the moment, I’m putting together an EP of the music that I’d been making on stream (a couple of my songs have even been used in some Glimesh posts) and I was going to offer Glimesh a chance to sell a version of the EP with bonus tracks and to keep the proceeds for themselves.

To me, it wouldn’t be about revenue, but a way for people to put their stake into Glimesh, to say that, hey, I wanted to buy merch because I wanted to back the site, and perhaps in the future, The Glimesh Sessions could be a series of said EPs by Glimesh-streaming artists (think akin to the Late Night Tales series, save that it would be the artist’s music, vice a compiliation) which would benefit both streamers and Glimesh alike.

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One merch feature that worked on the platform I came from, turned their platform mascot into a plushie. I think we should take the glimdrop, make it a plushie and market it. And with all the different options of glimdrop emotes; if we had plushies options it would be awesome :ok_hand:

I think a glimdrop plushie is a foregone conclusion. But we should think beyond just that and t-shirts, which is why I made my recommendation. I’m not saying we have to go into Glimesh logo boxers and Glimesh blue corn tortilla chips (actually, that last one might not be bad…) but we should think more than the basics.

I know a few plushies already exist that were privately commissioned I believe by a few community members, but absolutely I think that is a foregone conclusion. One of the biggest marketing tools we have is just how adorable and versatile the Glimdrops are. Down the line there can definitely be different variants, and even themed ones for holidays such as SantaGlim or Halloween themed ones etc.

In terms of other stuff, of course we should do the basics with things like shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs/travel cups, etc. But I wouldn’t mind to see some ideas on what else we could potentially look at which other places don’t.

As a gamer I would live to see a glimesh theme mouse pad, or even accessories for my pc that were branded with the logo.

Also I would to have a set branding kit, that we as streamers could add to our merch. I would love to put a glimdrop or even the glimesh logo on an arm of one of my sweatshirts.

So I think that we may want to start smaller and look at what we are currently doing. A lot of these things will be awesome in the future but right now we have 1 tshirt design and that is it.

And with our current setup unless we do 100+$ in sales we are losing money on Printful.

Physical Sales
Merch Sales $ 1,627.00 $ - $ 135.00 $ 56.00 $ 56.00
Printful Fee $ (1,133.29) $ (43.97) $ (91.78) $ (46.77) $ (65.17)
Shopify Fee $ (30.74) $ (30.74) $ (30.74) $ (30.74) $ (30.74)
Merch Expenses $ (1,164.03) $ (74.71) $ (122.52) $ (77.51) $ (95.91)
Merch Revenue $ 462.97 $ (74.71) $ 12.48 $ (21.51) $ (39.91)

I am mostly thinking of either can we breath life into this current system (either adding more options and pushing merch more) so we aren’t losing money on merch or should we be looking towards another avenue that would be more handoff for us.

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I am mostly thinking of either can we breath life into this current system (either adding more options and pushing merch more) so we aren’t losing money on merch

ibid my earlier The Glimesh Sessions idea. Like I said, I should have mine ready to go by November; maybe we should ask anyone else in the community if they’re so musically inclined and would be interested. That would not only net merch (soundtracks and songs autoapproved for play on Glimesh), but also would help in the DMCA arena as well.

As for T-shirts, we might also want to to start working on a second design. I have an idea myself (it’s been a while since I worked on a t-shirt design) but others might have some ideas as well. Maybe make a contest out of it?

or should we be looking towards another avenue that would be more handoff for us.

How far and wide have we looked at other companies for the product creation and warehousing? I’m sure that you guys did some homework on this, but I (and others) might be able to scare up some extra contacts that you might not be aware of.

I haven’t dug into a ton of options myself. Mostly just some of the top google results and places like Aporia Customs. I am not too familiar with how that industry works so I wasn’t sure on what makes a company like that good.

I believe @Paco1342 was looking for some options as well and @clone1018 might know of some others that he had looked at. But I think that if we could find a good option that would make more sense it would be welcome for discussion.

There was a few designs on Discord as well that we could get rolling. I personally would love to see at least 5 options for shirts and perhaps some hats or something as well. I think if we could get a platform that could accept the music as well that would be awesome too.

We do need to figure out how to make that all work though.

Can I put forward the idea that when we do hats we don’t JUST do the snapback hates. So much of the streaming industry has a total hard on for snapbacks, but I personally know people who would much prefer a ‘dadcap’ baseball style cap, as well as beanies etc.
Would love to be able to offer all the different styles at launch to truly give options.

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Yeah, I’ve got some that are basically ready to go. I’ve been stress testing the quality of test prints before we commit to anything. I’ll definitely be moving forward soon, as it’s been long enough now I believe.

@Paco1342 Are we sticking with the current setup or are we switching companies?

Sticking with the current set up for now. This week has been a whirlwind for me, but I should be getting it all together soon.

How is it currently set up?
How are the designs done?
What item types do we have to choose from?

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Current set up is a shopify storefront, designs are created by us/the community, and we can choose basically anything we want to put into shirt form (or other merch, eventually)! But you’ll be seeing the new shirts very soon :slight_smile:

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Might play around with some designs then.

With winter coming up, hoodies might be a good next item to launch too!

Don’t forget that for the bottom half of the world its going into summer time. So even summer based merch can be considered.

Given the potential for customers in the equatorial regions (Singapore, Malaysia, etc.), summer gear should always be on tap. Plus, even during winter, T-shirts can be used (I lived in Hawaii for seven years; I only wore long sleeves when it was required).

But we should be thinking things like hoodies, rugby shirts (for the British amongst us!) and other useful items.

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Love the shirt designs. Will be ordering at least one when payday comes around.

Would also like to see some hoodies and also some smaller items that could feature on streams like baseball caps or glimdrop pin badges. Possibilities are obviously endless on what ya can slap a logo on these days but the smaller the better at the early stages. More merch in front of a camera can help with advertising it as well. Love the flat rate delivery fee as well. Could be beneficial to advertise this somehow before a buyer gets to the checkout section to help sway thier mind. Maybe a banner at the top of the main list of products? A tweet or two just mentioning the shop probably wouldn’t hurt either unless its already been done?

I do look forward to seeing how this develops though. Will be interesting.