Marketing - where should we focus?

This is a test post for Building Glimesh on Discourse

How can we best market ourselves? Choose one or two answers

Where should we focus our marketing efforts?
  • Small Streamers
  • Developers
  • Viewers
  • Mainstream Creators
  • Non-Gaming Creators
  • Broadly/Less Focused

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Speaking as a small streamer and non-gaming creator, I’m all for that. One only has to look at some of the other platforms out there that cater to smaller streamers and realize that it’s easier to do that then get lost in the shuffle of the “big guys” (and I daresay that some of those that started here have moved to some of those other platforms while Glimesh goes through the growing pains.)

As a non-gaming creator (NGC), I especially would love to see it grow. I can count on both hands and have fingers left over with the number of active non-gaming creators that I see here (I’m sure there are more than ten, but you get the idea). There are vibrant NGC communities out there that we could look at to see what we’re doing right (Pixiv Live, which is an afterthought add-on to Pixiv itself) and what we could do better (Picarto). And that’s just art that comes to mind. From what I get there are ones dedicated to music (Caffinated, IIRC, is one), and some other ones. I know I’ve been trying to get others to move here, but it’s a “chicken and egg” battle for now.

Viewers goes without saying, and mainstream creators will come as the platform grows. Devs I consider part of NGC (unless by that they mean game companies themselves).

Hello, So I just listened to the Board Meeting 3/3/22. The $2,000 a month angled towards marketing is a great idea. I know the team is busy, I also know you guys know that I have forwarded a presentation to the staff. But in the presentation you will see that my project specifically would be donating to up and coming streamers both on Glimesh, but streamer’s with 0 to no viewers on other platforms. Not just these streamer’s, but streamer’s who have some community but struggling to really get going. I think this would help trickle in streamer’s, but like you said the community would follow the streamer.