Marketing Process Proposal

Hello Marketing Team!

Putting this here so that we can continue discussing it and decide if this is how we’ll continue running our marketing team moving forward. This was done by Berri and I assume she also took into account our previous discussions on Discord in #meta if those are still there.

This is the link provided in the pins: Trello

I can always edit this later but it’s my understanding that we can either put our comments here or in the trello board for discussion.


I feel like the whole process can be better reworked from that initial proposal to utilise this system much more, so I don’t think my initial propsal is relevant anymore. I feel this is better suited as a system, with a couple of amendments for things like the scheduling which would be trello :slight_smile:

I have some ideas in terms of moving that over to here but I am sure you will formulate something or refine my thoughts :slight_smile:


  • Expectations to be set:
    -I don’t think it needs amendments
  • Processes tab:
    -I think the pinned posts can be done here for sure and then we don’t need a second trello as a thread could be made to contain all the ideas with maybe a pinned post in the thread that has all ideas in the thread captured and we can see based on thumbs up or hearts what idea is popular to pursue.
    -We can also have a request (for when a product is ready for marketing to handle) thread and a thread where people can say what roles they could offer e.g. voice over and editing
    -I think meetings would probably still be held and recorded on discord, although potentially a meeting could be held here in the forums since I can see when people are replying thus it doesn’t feel like I’m talking to a wall. Preference wise I think a voice chat in discord to be easier to have.
    -For workflow we could have another thread that has a list of who’s working on what? I don’t know if this forum has abilities for spreadsheets or what not. Not sure if having that google sheets pinned where people can go see who’s working on what would be better.
  • Step by Step:
    -Step 1 I think can just be changed to “someone has an idea/request they add it to the idea thread”, not sure if we want each idea to have its own thread or not if it’s only being suggested and not worked on.
    -Step 2 doesn’t need amendments since we can comment or upvote ideas (although it does mention add comments etc, so I think figuring out whether we want a giant “suggestions” thread vs letting everyone post a thread for any suggestion they have is important for that,
    -Step 3 I think this will work well with the hearts, my question here would be what do we do with the suggestions after they are selected? Locking/archiving threads may work if all suggestions are in different threads vs a mega suggestion single thread.
    -Step 4 I would assume we’d make a thread for 3 of them or we could make a thread for each of the 3 suggestions? :thinking:
    -Step 5 I don’t think needs much revision? I suppose we post a thread in the other’s topic area but currently unsure of other team’s workflow.
    -Step 6 doesn’t need amendment, I assume that’ll all be done in the same thread
    -Step 7 and 8 don’t really need amendments, just figuring out where to put the finished threads (lock or deletion or archives)
  • Action Points
    -Doesn’t need much revision :slight_smile:

Give me time to process everything you’ve said there and refresh myself with my initial outlay. I think this new system however will help a lot with a lot of the initial concerns my proposal stemmed from. But I agree we should come up with a process which will work within this system.

It’s of note we should also find out how other teams will be carrying things out in order for us to collaborate, something which I feel I missed off the original action points, but we do also need to collate that. For example, how do design wish for design requests to be submitted :slight_smile:

But yeah, let me think on it and I will get back too you. I may just break it up into action points via a thread here, purely because this is a format which is much easier for me to explain myself through, then if people think it needs to go onto a trello i will amend the original :slight_smile:

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Expectations to be set

  • I agree this doesn’t need amendments, some of these are now already covered in the main Building Glimesh rules however, but it does no harm to highlight them again within the marketing channel

Pinned posts

  • Unchanged


  • Will only need 1 trello which would be effectively the calendar for the scheduled items when ready to go out, the one which we already have in use


  • Unchanged


  • I am 50/50 as to whether this will be needed with the current set up. We could perhaps just have a pinned post each week/2weeks/month where we can discuss for the following timeframe? From a timezone perspective this would be more effective, and too Missy’s concerns over burnout, this would also help ease this too I feel as its over several days rather than 1 specific time. Once that timeframes discussion is concluded we could have a final post on that thread stating what the goals going forward are which were decided on, so anyone coming in can see what the main goals at present are.


  • Cohesion between channels rather than being a trello can now be done in here!
  • Rest of the points in here I feel remain unchanged in relation to outsourcing etc

Step By Step

  1. Someone has an idea, they create a thread outlining that idea
  2. People check on it, can heart react if they like the idea, and discuss the idea
  • 3 onwards, remain unchanged, though to your point Kaz this would all be discussed and fleshed out as part of the meeting, then further work on the ideas being chosen would be done on the original threads for those ideas for sure, makes more sense, exception being any elements which are being outsourced obviously. (Its entirely possible that the best way to do this would be to pin the current in progress items which have been selected, just for ease of navigation amongst people pitching other ideas for consideration)

Action Points

  • As already on there, but also we should be aware as part of the marketing processes how we go about requesting designs to the design team etc. :slight_smile:

I think that should all make sense, any questions, queries, thoughts for further refinement, let me know!


A post was split to a new topic: Glimesh presence on TikTok

This may have already been covered, but how do you tie these marketing proposals back to the overall content strategy? For example, aligning it with:

  • The personas you’ve identified that you want to target
  • The content calendar - assuming that, for example, the next month’s content for social/blog/website is planned out
  • KPIs - impressions/clicks/new users
  • Competitor analysis
  • User feedback

That would help with prioritisation, consistency and effectiveness as well as hopefully help with planning.

Also, on KPIs, is there a process for measuring and reporting success once an item has gone live other than the overall monthly board meeting? Could help contributors see what kind of impact they’re making.

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I think those are all valid points that we can add to bolster our overall content strategy.

-I don’t think we have personas. Someone volunteered to make them but not sure where that is at the moment :slight_smile:
-We don’t have a content calendar either that I’m aware of. We have general ideas that are currently in a doc and we work on them as we can due to the volunteer size we have. Then we post them out in a scheduled date, but I wouldn’t really call that a calendar?
-I don’t think we get much back in terms of KPIs? - I don’t have access to do the metrics unless we ask for specific ones and I suppose we could do a better job at that; so I usually go based on what I can publicly see on the metrics such as likes/comments/shares
-This one I would love for you to delve more into how we can do better competitor analysis and how/what metrics we could look to do
-We don’t really get much user feedback either, kinda meshes with the whole likes, comments and shares thing in my opinion, could we do better here?

I’d say that on KPIs there currently is not a process for measuring and reporting success :smiley: apart from what Clone lets us know if he believes something popped off.

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To be clear here,

The purpose of the meetings would be to set the projects going forward, which would include target audiences. But we currently dont have any set personas and is something which needs revisiting fully and through a defined process.

There has been a lot of talk of a calendar, again the meetings would set this out in terms of what content we want published and when. I have also mentioned, and i think we should, make an note of specific dates (1st test stream, 1 year of being live etc), i do think i mentioned that in the original proposal as well to compliment this.

Clone gives us breakdowns of specific campaigns but i think we would likely need to start asking for breakdowns for more things as we go forward to be able to compare and contrast what works best. However, at present theres only been minimal in the way of truly active campaigns, this would grow as we do though. I do agree though if one post stands out and one post does awful, we should see that and be able to review and adapt our content to fit what is doing better at the time.

We do look at competitors but its not something weve really as a marketing team done a deep dive into as an analysis.

I would be interested to hear more of your thoughts regarding you suggestions though.

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Thanks both.

In regards to a content calendar, I think this could have the biggest impact. So right now (assuming August was done) you’d be planning September. For example:

  • Having a tweet written for each day - including any images/links/videos/other CTAs
  • You could then all the other socials planned. So say you wanted to do 3 Instagram posts per week - get all those dates and content planned in
  • And then balancing who you’re aiming them at, say half at streamers and half at viewers

By doing it this far in advance, you’ve already got a starting base for the month and you’re reducing last minute requests/stress as well as ensuring that you have a full content calendar each month.

You can also plan out events better and the journey you’re taking viewers through to get them to come visit. And then around these planned in posts you have the more reactive elements. Is that you imagined Berri or something different?

With measuring success, Plausible is least a start so you can see what’s driving traffic and what is driving the one goal that’s set up, of user registers. Whether it needs GA or Plausible is enough is a different question. Do you currently review Plausible in the meetings?

With personas I think you need to simplify right now. Aim for 2: visitor and streamer. Could be something like:

Streamer - new/small, focused on community, needs support, less competition
Visitor - looking for something different, no ads, more chance of interaction

It would be good if you could get some feedback from existing streamers and visitors as to why they use the platform to build out those personas as well as identify marketing opportunities.


Yeah I was trying to push marketing into getting ahead for content with things like that, but it never got off the ground. A key problem we have is presently we just dont have a team enough to create content quite so consistently as we would like, a further issue being such a small team as we are is having the time to create said content to get it out in a timely manner. It is my hope that by collaborating more with the other teams we can certainly get to a point where we can create content well ahead of time such as your above proposal.

I think for sure more reactive elements is always important too, being adapatble in a situation where something suddenly becomes the new hot trend and we can produce content related to that is definitely something I would love to see marketing be able to d.

We do investigate where sources are coming from and during a facebook paid campaign we ran for example we paid close attention to where referrals were coming from, where they were landing etc and we did see some impact from that campaign which was visible.

Marketing as yet has no formal meetings, this proposal has yet to be fully finalised, but its somethig marketing does desperately need to order to garner organisation and review what is working and what isnt, specifically in relation the the points you have made especially.

I agree start simple and build, we should also, i think, look for common themes where streamers and viewers overalp as well, no ads being what i feel could be one of them, which in turn allows for a campaign to be almost twice the reach if that makes sense.

We also want to be trying to bring across new users as well, so while we are looking for why they use the platform, we should also seek to find out where people are coming from, is it word of mouth, are they seeing us on youtube, did they hear about us from a streamers community etc. Whcih may also help direct content in that regard, though i feel that does digress from the original idea of the proposal for how we should best approach marketing and what system should be in place to help it be successful.

re: personas, it may be best at this point to split that into its own separate thread and have a conversation around how best to form those, which in turn will help inform towards this proposal as part of our operations and approaches more generally :slight_smile:


Getting the meetings sorted will definitely help marketing, always good to get people in a room (or call) talking through ideas. Looks like there could be a couple of threads potentially from all this:

  • Personas
  • How to capture feedback from streamers/viewers
  • August content calendar - if something could be put together for the rest of the month it would be good to see how it impacts the numbers

Let me know if I can be any help.

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just a small thing, but can we try to not take all the fun out of the process? everyone contributing does it in their spare time, nobody gets paid. if it feels like a job nobody will want to contribute. if a fun idea pops into someone’s head on a whim and it is suitable, I would hate for them to have to jump through all kinds of hoops to get it published, especially if it is a time sensitive tweet.

On the flip-side we also want people to put some thought into their ideas, and i think it is good to be strategic in working towards targets

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Yeah that’s why we discussed reactive posts already. Reactive posts most definitely have their place within this system but theres also structure which is sorely needed as well, while you are right, nobody gets paid, Glimesh is still a business at the end of the day and this is the building Glimesh channels, things do need to be approached in a more straight laced and business minded manner.

Marketing asked for clear direction and process for ideas and submissions etc which this now provides.

If someone has a fun idea that idea will still need to go through the feedback process anyway, which is something which has always been a part of marketing, they will still need to create a thread, it will need to be some feedback time (Thought i agree sometimes there will just be a perfect suggestion in the moment which needs no improvement which is fine) however it will still need to be outsourced to the correct team for things to be made, and by extension you are relying on that teams availability, which you cant just force someone to make it there and then for you, as you already said, people are volunteering their time. Outsourcing to the correct teams is going to be a key part of this approach now, but the core processes behind stuff havent changed at all, they are just more supported, direct and structured in the above approach.

And as much as off the hand ideas are fun, there has to be a solid plan for social media for things to go out so that there is time for things to be made, and refined etc. We should be looking to try and get ahead on posts, not every post has too be, but there are things which most definitely can be and most definitely should be when it comes to targeted ad campaigns for example, the ad itself its one small part of that, content throughout socials for that timeframe will also want to be themed alongside that and such, specific dates can also be planned ahead, and deciding where the target audidence is for the givenframe, to help inform content for social media is also important.

It would seem point 2 be where we start, moving into point 1, though as these could potentially help more than just the marketing team I think these discussions would be good to hold over in the business section.

Calendar wise for this month there are still some things we need to tweak and put in place from this process, as people are still feeding back on this and critiquing, i was about to look for any final comments yesterday but weve had a little flurry these past 24 hours.

Lets give it say 48 hours more for feedback and then we can look towards implementation? @Eternalkaz what are you thoughts here, as you brought this discussion over? Personally I feel it should look towards rollout now soon, its been discussed at length in discord, trello and now here? marketing really needs to start moving again soon.

I think it’s pretty solid. Like you said it’s been discussed multiple times now in different areas. People have had their time to share their thoughts on it and I think it’s been refined up to a point. Now it’s just about implementing it well and seeing if there’s anything we can add from Hyde’s suggestions.

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Yeah i think taken alongside Hyde’s suggestions for further add-ons to the initial process, we should have a strong start here. There may well end up being things which need to be tweaked along the way but we will never know if we don’t get it started.

Ill amend the trello to fit the new model as proposed earlier in here, later today. Hopefully people will have time to have a last look over things before things go into motion ^^

Okay so I was really struggling to word the final draft into the original trello, so please excuse the length of this inevitable thread here, but this is actually easier for me, i can lay it out in a way which feels more methodical too me and you can see everything from the outset with ease without clicking into multiple tabs, I will outline the final overall marketing process proposal based on feedback and discussion, with a view to hopefully looking at getting this rolled this out over this coming weekend so that we might get marketing back in full service, assuming we are all in agreement!

This is intended to be a first iteration, it can be tweaked as things progress in response to finding out what works and does not, this process is intended to help get marketing more organised and everyone on the same page with a clear process and everyone held to the same standards of operation and expectations.

Expectations to be set

  1. Representation of Glimesh
  • By agreeing to selecting a role in marketing you are agreeing you represent Glimesh and its core values as such you should be expected to act with this in mind, any abuse of this or poor misrepresentation of Glimesh may result in removal from the team
  1. How things will be assigned
  • Projects will be assigned to the best team to handle the role. Where necessary items will be outsourced i.e. images will go through the design team
  • Just because you pitched an idea please do not assume you will be assigned to this once the ideas have been refined
  1. General Expectations
  • Threads should stay specific to the original post, please do not veer off, if a thread creates an offshoot idea, create a new thread. If it’s not related at all you will be asked to move your conversation elsewhere.
  • Keeping up with processes, tools used, and conversation. In order to keep Glimesh running this must be done, if you cannot keep up this is unfortunate but we need to keep moving.
  • If a design is picked up and worked on for marketing, design should try and work closely with marketing where possible, to prevent rejection of work at a later stage, however if marketing can be specific enough with their ideas and setting out quality theyre after this should not be an issue.
  • That this is collaborative, while there may be facilitators there is no ‘lead’, group consensus on yes or no is all that is needed, if a team decides no to an idea then those who wanted it should be able to accept it may not be best for Glimesh at this time and move on: there may be times where exceptions are made however in line with new information coming about.
  • Expectation to use whatever tools marketing is using, if trello is the go to people should be expected to sign up and use trello etc.
  • Also just because you came up with something / did something / made something does not mean that it will be used. Whether it’s an issue with timing, quality, branding, or any other number of things we can’t always use the things people create.


  1. Pinned posts
  • A pinned post relating to the processes in marketing, step by step
  • A pinned post relating to expectations
  • A pinned post where people can volunteer for specific roles such as voice overs and video editing
  1. Trello
  • Just the one trello, which acts as out calendar, allowing us to schedule posts and gather all the items required in one card for that date for the platforms needed
  1. Selection
  • Select 2 -3 ideas to work with a week initially, outsource to the teams to make the relevant assests and so on
  • If an idea does not get much uptake between ideas being selected, push forward with the most popular consensus, a minimum of 24-48hours should be kept where possible to allow for feedback however. exception being a reactive post which we could all look at and immediately see the benefit of pushing forward
  • Planning the month ahead. This will help with targeted campaigns as we can look at how to theme content for the month ahead related to specific campaigns - an example of this would be when the mobile app releases.
  1. Meetings
  • This is somewhat of a sticking point, but we could open this up to a vote thread, either voice meetings, or a thread last week of every month, which help to form and plan the content for the month ahead, overview the previous months posts and KPIs associated with them where possible so we might see what went well, what didnt go so well, and help refine and inform the content we wish to make.
  • These meetings can also look to plan targeted campaigns as well and work how best to implement these
  1. Workflow
  • Cohesion between channels, working synergistically with other teams where needed
  • When an item has been discussed and assigned to the relevant teams, people should be sure to check with the relevant teams threads for updates on this and “heart react” / comment for points of refinement where necessary
  • While outsourcing is happening marketing can work on text to go alongside the tweet itself

Step By Step

  1. Someone has an idea, they create a thread outlining that idea
  2. People can check these threads and heart react if they like the idea, discuss that idea and so on
  3. As necessry ideas are selected and planned into the calendar (at the meetings where necessary)
  • this should be planned according to already ongoing projects, for example if we have already got a lot of requests in with design, could we perhaps record a video instead, could we use a generic gif or create a small meme etc
  1. Ideas which have been selected in point 3 are brought forward for further refinement such as outsourcing to the correct teams etc:
  • Refinement here may also include things such as what size we need images in, do we want these things on all social media? Do we want a video to go on tiktok as well? All of these things should also be considered and fed into the system
  1. The marketing team contact the relevant parties they need to work with to make things happen
  • It may also be beneficial where possible to add loose timescales, this would be especially useful is there are events coming up which may need higher prioritising
  1. Marketing team forumlate the tweet body while feeding back to the parties which are creating the work
  2. Once item is complete it is added to the calendar Trello where it can be picked up to be shared on relevant social media channels
  3. Once these items are done, continue to work through ideas and have meetings to ensure this process starts again

Action Points

  1. Creating a full process rundown - See step by step for how that could loosely be laid out
  2. Creating a list of expectations
  3. Deciding how is best to hold the marketing meetings
  4. Planning ahead
  5. Be aware of the processes of other teams, for example how do design want us to request work

As an addition here I would like to just add that @CrouchandHyde and others have suggested the importance of collecting user feedback and personas, this is something which once in place should be at the forefront of our thinking when selecting what we do.

Thank you all for reading.

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Looks good Berri, couple of bits from me:

Pinned posts - Just to check that this will also include a list of who are doing the roles in case people have questions, ideas or want to give feedback.

Trello/Workflow - From looking at this, all the management of the work/sign-off will be done on the thread and then a card will be added to Trello. Rather than trying to manage multiple threads through from creation to implementation, would it not be simpler to have the ideas and initial refinement and sign-off on the thread and then move it to Trello which lists out the various stages it has to go through. i.e UX, Copy, UI, Video, Sign-off and then to the calendar stage. It means you’ll have a overall view of what stage everything is at on one screen, rather than bouncing between threads, and gives the designers an easy view of what they have on plus upcoming work.

Step by step - From a timescales perspective, probably worth having the designer t-shirt size it; S/M/L and then have agreed estimates for those. So a Small could take 2 days where as a large takes 2 weeks. Otherwise there’s a chance that as this is volunteer work it keeps slipping.

Also on step by step, adding in a review stage a week/month afterwards to check on performance and any learnings.

So in terms of “roles” marketing is a team as a whole, anyone can pitch ideas and get involved, theres no go too, feedback should be left on the relevant thread it is attached too. Decisions to go ahead are as a team, GCT will act as facilitators to help get things running and help the team along, but its all team based and anyone is welcome to join.

Would it not make sense to have the calendar do that, im not sure if youve seen the current trello: Trello

We could just put a placeholder card which as “body text” “twitter size, canva size” etc on the card as tick boxes and as each piece is done mark it done and add it to that card. Rather than multiple trellos, which would make it easier to keep track of everything together i think, and also saves trying to remember to duplicate things across trellos.

In terms of designers, we would be going to design to request the work orders if that’s what they want. Equally they could have a trello where they want work orders posted or they might want to keep an eye through marketing, but for that its whatever the design team want for the work orders to be placed ultimately so something that for now we will have to be slightly fluid with until we know their preferred method.

I agree that could be good, we could also get a feel then from the designers about how long various tasks take which would allow us to better inform choices!

To your last point: That would be the point of the Meetings. Not only would they be to plan the coming month, but also stand to reflect on the month previous, that way we can look at the month previous to help see what did and did not work to inform the coming month ^^

I hope that all makes sense :smiley: