Marketing Plans

Hello Marketing People,

So wanted to get some initial ideas and plans on what we can do moving forward for marketing efforts.

I do want to point out that whatever plans we make need to take into account where we stand and how we can scale.

There are a few things I think we should consider when planning marketing.

  • Our current team’s capability. (Both support, design, and communication)
  • Setting proper expectations.
  • Encouraging sustainable growth

My initial thoughts for goals is to

  • Evaluate where we are
  • Develop the personality of Glimesh’s company personality
  • Reestablish a presence on socials based on that.

I want to get some additional opinions and ideas of how we could do that or if there is something that we should do instead and I believe it can be viably done in the course of 3-4 months.

I think you’re spot on here. These two points jumped out at me:

  • Develop the personality of Glimesh’s company personality
  • Reestablish a presence on socials based on that.

Obviously creating a solid base of understanding of where we stand now is imperative before jumping into anything, but once that is established I think creating an identity is the most important thing. If you ask people why they love Glimesh, I suspect the answers will be varied. Maybe I’m just projecting - because i know I struggle answering that question. So I think that’s step 1 - what is the Glimesh identity? And how do we want that identity to be projected into the world?

Sure, we could spend a bunch of back and forth figuring out what special gimmick we want to use, and maybe that happens at some point in the future, but if you truly believe in your product (and I think it’s safe to say people believe in Glimesh) then sell people on that message.

Then, yes, socials is the way to do that. The social space is getting more and more fractured and weird with Twitter doing the Musk thing and TikTok seems to be suppressing videos so going viral may not be quite as easy, but that’s still the quickest, easiest, least expensive, and, frankly, still one of the best ways to potentially draw in interested individuals. Maybe there’s a Glimesh Ambassador’s Club or something? Special graphics people can use on short videos they share on social networks that tie back to Glimesh? Or maybe people submit clips that could be pushed out through the Glimesh channels?

Just a few thoughts.

I think with this one, and its something we’ve discussed before, a lot of it comes back to the core tenants of Glimesh being open-source, transparent, equality and the like. The tenants have been the “immovible object” if you like ever since launch and really do help in answering this question. I think its more a case of how we make this quantifably reflect in our socials, but I think with things like board meetings, posting any issues when we have them etc it does come through, just not enough to really drive it home - specifically the open-source side of things and community collaboration, but I think this project in itself will really help with that!

And while this needs some updating, maybe itll help with some of those questions:

We have always tried to remain free of Gimmicks in terms of being “edgy” or what have you, and I for sure agree with you we should remain that, but we have also had feedback that our socials, especially when it comes to answering questions can come off as robotic, so maybe we need to also have a bit of a softer voice when it comes to our social media in relation to questions and such?

Just some food for thought as it were :slight_smile:

I think part of the solution to this, as well as direction for socials in general, is to make sure that, no matter the subject or interaction, we stay genuine. I think some people really do appreciate and connect with the fact that this isn’t a bunch of businessmen sitting around discussing profit margins and reaching unknowable conclusions, it’s a big bunch of nerds doing something they love. I think if we can find a way to keep that almost casual, more personal tone while staying in the bounds of being professional it will help lead to a unique and positive “brand voice” for Glimesh. Sort of keep the focus on people - we are people running the socials, running the site, answering your questions, etc. Not just faceless GLIMESH CORP.

So to continue the conversation of who we are as a brand. Here are some things I drew from the conversation.

  • We aim to be genuine
  • We are not edgy memelords
  • We are conversational

In our original brand guidelines we also highlighted these points.

● Honest
● Friendly
● Helpful
● Funny
● Trendy

Is there anything else we would want to highlight specifically for our brand image?