Marketing Development

I think we have a bit of a communication or marketing problem with new users that may be coming in and not knowing how exactly the site is being built.

The only person who is a full time dev is Clone. Clone primarily works on whatever is in the road map so that they can move to the next stage.

We need to market better that if people want things implemented into the site that they can work on it themselves and add it to the site with approval.

There’s plenty of things that we would love to add but just don’t have the capacity to add right now due to the amount of volunteers we have working on something.

This could lead to users thinking we don’t care about certain issues that are not the case but just manpower problems. I think a lot of people assume that they can’t add something or help out and just wait patiently for their suggestions to be added. I’ve seen people be surprised when told they can work on it themselves if they want to accelerate a project.

We should do our best to make it easy for people and devs to come in and realize that they can also build the site with us.

Maybe we can brainstorm some ideas of what to tweet or make. I’m currently not really here with my time constraints but it was something that I felt like needed to be talked about.

I’m for this. It’s unrealistic to expect anyone involved with Glimesh, whether official staff or volunteer, to give up wholesale chunks of their life, just to meet a deadline that the user may or may not realize is just not tenable. Explaining it in some degree or other would go a long way in ameliorating the issue.

It should also be clear that even if you do build it yourself, it may not be accepted. Glimesh is not a free-for-all, it needs to be a cohesive, well thought out product. There are standards to be met such as accessibility, and quality standards - it may work, but does it work well?. Some features are not feasible for us right now, and others are not desirable because they don’t fit with our ethos. It’s important that you do your research, discuss the implementation details with others, and gather feedback

Good points Cykotiq. Definitely something we need to make sure to add. And that’s why we could work on marketing the fact that anyone can build for it on their free time but also market this forum space so that we can discuss these things and work them out and figure out if people actually want these features and if it works.

But if someone wants to work from 0-100 on a project before talking to anyone they can. It just may not be approved.

I understand that we know that, but we have to get that message out. Maybe it’s some expectation confusion that we need to tackle as we want people to know just how alpha this is.

I’m sure a lot of people believe that there is a team and when people hear team they may think it’s large.

Thanks for your feedback.