Let's talk about "display name"

Currently, if you go to your profile you see an option at the top called “Display Name” with a text field below it. Picture below.

I believe we should remove, or at the very least rethink, this field. There is a good bit of confusion around it and what it is for. For those of you who do not know, it exists to allow users to change the case of their usernames, but not the characters. For instance, I could change mine from Paco1342 to any of these: paco1342, pAco1342, PacO1342.

When attempting to change your name to something else, you receive this:

I can see how this would be very confusing. It appears we give them a place to change their name, and then don’t allow them to change their name. I think this needs a change. It looks like the two most liekly options are as follows:

  1. Change the wording. It should specify that you can change the case, but not the characters. Maybe add that if they want to change names they can email support.

  2. Remove it entirely. All in all, it feels unimportant and like it causes more problems than it solves. We already have a process in place to handle name changes, so it would be no additional strain on the GCT.

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on this, and whether or not you’ve tried changing your username only to be bamboozled. If you have recommendations on a good way to change/fix the problem, please share!

I would think the wording should be changed. Because otherwise if, for example, I wanted to change mine from Shinzakura to ShinZakura, without that being there, I would probably spam the forums or bother the GCT. Now picture that x10000.

By changing the wording, at least that allows me to make that change without bothering anyone, thus taking any potential stress off the GCT as well as any annoyance that someone could have because they had to go bother the GCT instead of just doing it themselves.

How often do we believe people are using that functionality (changing the capital letters etc)?

I have no idea if that is something that we can track at all, but my presumption would be its not very common at all. The more likely scenario would be towards a total name change because of rebranding etc. At this point in time that requires intervention from the GCT.

Maybe we remove it until we’re in a position to offer self-service full name changes? Is that something we are even looking at offering? Why/Why not?

For me it boils down to if its still going to cause confusion (even with a change of wording) vs how often its used currently and would change to a GCT intervention in the future.

I would add an uneditable field called “username” that shows the username right near it, then label display name more clearly (maybe even call it “username casing” or similar) as platforms like twitter allow display names to be completely different from usernames. The extra username field, while it is extra clutter, makes it clear that the two are not the same, and you can’t change your username on-site

maybe a box underneath which is there permanently, because there is space which just explains you can only change capitalisation and for all other name changes email support@ ?

twitch does something very similar to this:

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I just took a glance at the streams live on glimesh, and almost all of them are making use of this feature, including you (even if it is just the first letter). It is great for compound names consisting of multiple words when you don’t want an underscore in it. It is already implemented, and I would miss it for sure; It just needs to be clarified

Were many of those names probably set at registration though? What I meant by using the functionality is how often is it changed? How much extra stress would it put on the GCT if they were having to do that functionality instead?

I’m all for having keeping it and making a bit more clearer though. Don’t get me wrong, that would be the ideal scenario. An idea like above where the username is displayed as a permanent unedited variable, with a message to email the GCT for a name change.
Then the display name could be changed to explicitly imply a capitalisation change etc.

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I have worked on a couple of ideas pertaining to this based on the conversations had here.

  1. As Cykotiq suggested, have a separate uneditable user name display, with an editable display name which allows for capitalization.

The error message in this scenario should people choose to ignore the prompts would be more direct and explicit and basically repeat what is said in the tooltips below username and displayname.

  1. would be to just have the one display name section which has the tooltip about capitalization and more much clearer error message - in this scenario it would be without the uneditable username field.

  2. We could just make the field entirely uneditable with a “please email glimesh” tooltip, but I agree with Cykotiq that some people may which to take advantage of the capitalisation from time to time.