January content

Hi all,

Given it’s New Years and people’s penchant for trying to start afresh at the start of a year, i think there’ll be people out there trying streaming for the first time or coming back to it (who may or may not have been on Glimesh).

I think we need content throughout January around how to setup your stream, equipment recommendations, Emotes etc aimed at these people.

For example:

  • links to relevant help on the Glimesh support hub
  • links to the glimtip videos ie Blitz’s
  • steamer tip of the week
  • how to set up being paid
  • streamer setup of the week
  • examples of what to stream
  • tips on how to approach your first stream

There’s a good amount of content to spread throughout Jan and could help drive traffic to the site.

Let me know what you folks think.

I think this is an excellent idea to have prepared, I agree! A combination of blog and GCTalks (and making sure there is visibility around those things, as well as the Support page) would go a long ways!


Assuming this is something the marketing team want to do, how does it get on the plan?