Introducing The Glimesh Bugs List [Evolving Post]

:loudspeaker:Introducing the Glimesh Bugs List

Good day everyone. I have volunteered to keep an Updated list on the bugs that are currently present and ongoing on GlimeshTV. Please note that I will be evolving this Post by updating the Screenshot of the Bugs List to keep everyone up to date.

If you believe to have found a bug, please do reply to this Thread and I will add and update the List of Bugs. Also, to have a optimized workflow, please avoid submitting Duplicate Bugs. If a bug has already been reported, please do not report it again.


Please do not submit Bugs through DMs on Discord. Only submit the bugs you encounter on this Thread so that everyone can see and be made aware of.

Current Bugs on the List

The List are formatted as follows:


The idea of this is to have an updated list of Bugs that are currently plaguing Glimesh. If a bug is fixed and you no longer are experiencing the bug, please reply to your Initial Bug Report on this Thread and I shall update the List.

I am excited to be hearing your Bug Reports.


First bug found by me. :smiley:

Since I have reached my Limits on Post Edits.

Here the update list of Bugs that are currently known on Glimesh:

Closed due to inactivity.