Improve payments: hard to find where to donate

Changing the credit card is such a pain that I’m sure people have given up a lot sooner than me.

Surely your effort could use all the donations it can get right?

If it’s that hard to change the coding, this is the type of problem that an open company would be great for.

On a related note, I’m working on an open company and wanna livestream on Glimesh but my main skills are design thinking + ideas and I suck at everything else. So I’m livestreaming on Facebook to almost zero audience for over a year so I’ve gotten zero help.

Donating to Glimesh only in support of open companies.

But it could be making way better use of its open nature.

However, totally understand if that’s scary. Had taken me years to work up the guts to livestream working on the company because 1) a fear of public speaking, and 2) the world would see how badly my skills suck at tech, business, etc.

And if that’s the case, then I’ll take the risk and test out how that works, if someone would simply help get me set up.

Ideally, when the Localverse platform is fully ready (in the future), it would work like this:

Imagine you flip to the Localverse channel on your TV, and you see everything going on in the company, what it’s inventing, creating, etc, except that it’s more like FaceTime so you interact and say hi, and we can talk, share ideas, etc.

Here’s a sample demo of the ideal: example of a freedcast (04) - YouTube

It’ll take time to get to such a point but every journey begins with a step.

rather than have a “subscribe”, “donate”, “gift a sub”, and “streamloots” buttons(not to mention potential future “costream” and “interactive” buttons), we opted to put them all in one place under the “support” button both to keep the interface clean and to show viewers that there are many ways to support your favorite streamer. We hope to add other service in the future as well (eg. ko-fi, tiltify, etc) but no promises. I think the popup (modal) is getting simplified as part of the beta site redesign too.

As for the other 75% of your post, this is not the place to discuss your future plans for your channel -that would be better suited for discord (no self-promo though).

Thanks… now, how do I reactivate my recurring donations to Glimesh?

The website has asked for donations which I had happily sent to support a fellow open company.

But then whenever my credit union forces me to change the debit card, Glimesh sends a notification that payment fails, and I’ll go to update the payment info, but then Glimesh will continue to send the payment alerts and fails to update anything. Now it’s worse, since I didn’t find anywhere to enter the payment info.

Now, on my end it isn’t a big deal. What’s concerning is your own loss of revenue to more impatient people who’d encounter such issues.

Whatever the reasons for the button choices, the problem is the difficulty potentially results in such a loss without your knowledge.

I’d be surprised if you aren’t concerned by it.

Should I give it up and not ask?

Anything money or account related will not be dealt with in a public forum (or discord :wink: ) . You’ll need to email

Sent a new email about the issue. No one had replied to another email I sent on May 17.