Implications of adding "Login with Twitch"

A user on Twitter recently refreshed the idea that we could be offering easier ways to get started with Glimesh:

Logging in with Google sounds fine, no issue. However logging in with Twitch sounds more precarious, however with infinitely more value.

The question I’m posing here is: is there any legal / other harm that could fall upon Glimesh if we choose to allow a “Login with Twitch” button. Here’s the developer agreement you have to agree with: - Developer Agreement

It would be a great idea, but if you allow twitch users to sign up would that bring over their emotes and so on?

Not as part of the scope of this, I think letting users login with a competing service is already in the grey area… Adding an import button would certainly be a step over that line haha


I can see Google login as being ok as Google is a more generic way of logging in to multiple places, but to have Twitch login is taking it too far. Frankly, it’s just pure laziness. I’m all for giving people options for logging in but as a business I do believe a line needs to be drawn into the sand on what is acceptable or practical.


Logging in with Google does seem to be becoming a pretty standard trend these days so I can definitely see the benefits there for convenience.

While I can see where the convenience would come from with having a log in with Twitch option I can see a few reasons why we shouldn’t:

  1. You already said yourself its a grey area, if its a grey area I would be inclined to go against it

  2. We are trying to stand apart as our own platform having a “log in with Twitch” button may lead to confusion around just who Glimesh is when we have Twitch stamped on the log in page

  3. If the issue is the communities dont want to move, adding a log in with Twitch button I think is unlikely to solve that issue, because ultimately we wouldnt be integrated into Twitch or anything, that community would still have to move off Twitch to the Glimesh site/app to watch their streamer.


I mostly agree with @TheSp33d3mon and @ribenaberri

But perhaps we could use it as a Quick way for people to come over and experience the site, a one time or temporary login function before plunging into the dreadful account making process(Apparently).

for example they could use their Twitch login for one time or for 24 hours and would have to fully Commit with something else like Google or registering.

I can see the following:

  • Logging in with Google. Borderline as they own Youtube, but we’re not completely competing with them, but we’re logging in with Google, not YT, per se.
  • Logging in with Apple/MS: Should be fine as Google; doubly so, in fact, as they don’t own current rival services.
  • Logging in with Twitch/Facebook: These are the ones we should avoid, IMO. This would be, as Clone put it, the step too far.
  • Logging in with Streamlabs/similar services: YMMV on that one. I don’t see much of an issue in this case.

I did not think about the fact that YouTube & Facebook offer streaming – good point.

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I agree with @ribenaberri 's reasons why Glimesh shouldn’t have a Twitch log-in option, especially that having Twitch as a sign-in option could cause confusion among users, especially newer ones who may not really be sure what Glimesh is.

I think logging in with Google is common enough that it shouldn’t cause any issues, and since Google is so popular, it probably would be worth looking into. I also think that the app will be another reason why Google log-in support can be a good idea, since Android users are probably (always?) going to have Google accounts. (logging in with Apple may also be a good option for the same reason)

As for Facebook, while it is technically competition to Glimesh, it appears that Twitch allows you to connect to/log-in with Facebook, so I don’t see why Glimesh wouldn’t be able to as well. (Not saying that’s a reason we should, just saying that I don’t think it would be a problem)


Save that the Twitch login with Facebook predates FBG, and it may not be easy for Twitch/Amazon to separate that now. Since we don’t have that issue, we can safely let that sleeping dog lie.

I don’t see how this solves the problem - our account creation process is a basic as it could be. I only see potential problems it could create - for example by allowing third party login providers, it creates a new avenue(s) for a bad actor to gain access to someone’s account (ie. if they are logged into your twitch, they can also access your glimesh profile). It increases the size of the attack surface.

we would also be conceding that twitch/youtube is the defacto/alpha dog/whatever in the space, which I don’t think is a good look from a PR angle (even if it is true right now)


I agree with @Cykotiq our login is perfect, simple, and easy to use. If we are to be a standalone platform we should not alow 3rd party (streaming platform) logins.