Implement Theatre Mode On Glimesh


Me and Cykotiq have been working on a Theatre Mode for Glimesh using the Stylish browser extension and we believe we do have a finished Product to show for it.

Screenshot Preview

Why this Feature?

This started as an Discussion where I wanted to know if a Theatre Mode Extension for Glimesh does exist. Cykotiq replied with a CSS Addon to the proposed Theatre Mode and have begin working on it. I did some Player resizing while Cykotiq was fleshing out the UI Design. The screenshot above shows our Final Product.

Additional Notes

We would love everyone’s Feedback on this Theatre Mode and I am looking forward to hearing everything. :slight_smile:

I like it. Very good work!

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Thank you so much. We do not know how this will fit but this is a design we settled on.

I wouldn’t call it a finished product, but the layout is about as good as it can be. The CSS could probably be cleaned up, and a proper implementation would need the addition of custom video player controls with a button for theatre mode. Nothing has been tested in the mobile layout, and it could completely break stuff for all we know. there is also an issue where if you scroll the page before switching to theatre mode, the top of the player can get cut off (scrolling does not reset to the top of the page, when the style is applied)

I’ll also share this animation to show how the title shows/hides when you mouse over the player

All that being said, I already find myself using it as a user stylesheet quite frequently, as it is pretty nice

Thanks for your inputs! I’ve submitted a pull request here: