How is ownership granted?

This thread is to discuss the ongoing project to bring the community on as part owners of Glimesh, make sure you check out the original thread before contributing to this conversation!

How can someone become an owner of Glimesh, how much of it can they own? How do we do our initial granting of ownership?

I have no answers here yet but I do have some thoughts regarding this:

  • Membership shouldn’t be locked behind paying in. This stands to create an economic divide within the community, even £0.85 for some people is a life changing amount of money, especially with the world economy as it is presently.

  • Membership shouldn’t be tied to any percentages in the company, by assigning percentages it would make it would very much create a finite lifespan on how many people could be members. To remain true to Glimesh this offer of ownership should be longstanding and open to anyone, even those who may join us later down the line - their voices are no less important. That said, how many members is too many to effectively maintain and handle, if we have 20k members, how would that work?

  • Membership should be a flat rate across the community involved. No one person should be able to gain a higher ownership than anyone else - except in specific circumstances such as clone as a majority individual holder which is necessary. This would help keep things true to Glimesh.

  • Membership shouldn’t be something offered only to the streamers. Supporters from all across Glimesh viewers, contributors, volunteers, those who may support us via social media and discord etc should also be able to gain membership.

The first process would be to generate a contract that all community owners and regular owners would have to sign as this would bring up issues later if someone decided to go against the other owners in some aspect. I would say to gather the names of all those interested and interview each one. Such as myself, I’m interested in becoming a community owner but I expect an interview to happen so that I can voice how I could possibly qualify or what makes me unique to become a community owner. Stuff like that.

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I would like to see a group of around 20-30 people chosen. They should all be experienced with glimesh and be well informed regarding company values, etc

I see a Co-operative model, whereby it allows all members of the community access to become a part of the company. this can then be open for people to join unpaid, but if they wish to support the company, with it being a co-op it would also then allow monetary donations to the company from members.