How Do I Contribute / Involved Pages

So one area I think we can work towards updating are these pages

Currently the info does not reflect the use of the message board and I don’t think it really points people correctly to where to find tasks or how to get involved. I think we can aim getting a clearer message across. Also where we are putting this into a support page format I think we can be more free in how we explain this message.

I can start working on something but if anyone has ideas or wants to take this one over please let me know. I will post a Google Doc once I get something going so if you don’t see that google doc then I have not started.

The goals of this document would be

  1. Share with readers accurately how to take part in working with Glimesh
  2. Set guiding principles to help readers know what is involved with working with Glimesh
  3. Help readers get started in an area where their talent can be expressed for Glimesh.




I am getting this started

More to come.

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Ok this will needs lots of feedback and thought as there are a lot of new things and potential changes that we will want to consider. But I think that this will help the process some How To Contribute To Glimesh - Google Slides

I think we could do more with explaiing the development slide, it seems a little basic at the moment. Link to Github and the current issues list, mention what languages the site is written in etc.

Marketing it may be worth mentioning which social media we are using currently, that way people know what sort of content its likely to be, i.e. tiktok is short form videos for example.

Designs maybe link to things such as the style guide for reference of where we sit on such things.

Translations - link to the relevant site and explain about any log in processes.

Im not sure how reaching out to the GCT would help, in most cases that would lead to just directing to here anyway, which is already linked too in the guide. Not all GCT are involved in the forums, and for those that are its often only specific topics they have interest and/or knowledge in. Perhaps if they are unsure ask them to reach out in the questions section of this forum with where best to get started, then anyone who is up to speed on the process of… for example design, can help there.

I wouldn’t say add it to the trello if its not yet gone for discussion, Trello should only be used for ideas which have been cleared to be worked on imo. As you say, don’t commit to a large piece of work if there hasn’t been any approval. By all means set expectations people can, but I would recommend if they do, they put it up as a forum post for discussion, not a trello thing. The “pending approval” was designed to be for once an idea has already been discussed and cleared to work on. As some projects such as design may need to go back to marketing to be approved, or code on github needs to go through appropriate checks before it can be pulled back into the main branch, that is what that feature was intended to be for, its basically “final checks before implementation”, which is why it was sat at after in progress originally. No projects on that trello realistically should be on “to start” unless cleared already. Otherwise this will create confusion and possibly lead to things being worked on which aren’t actually planned/wanted/needed at the expense of projects which are actually needed and wanted.

On the conritbuting slide there is a spelling error: “no long desire” i believe should be “no longer desire” > start of line 4.

Is it worth mentioning we reserve the right to remove people from contributing if they don’t adhere to the expectations?

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So on the marketing piece I added.

Design I linked the style guide and Design Trello *May want to consider how we are approaching these.

Translations we may want to get @mja00’s input on how to word that section for signing up as right now he has to approve them as they come in and we may want to consider how to get people in contact for that or we add someone else who can approve as well.

I took out the section about contacting the GCT

So in terms of what gets put on the Trello. I will rework that one again. I think we should though outline a process for getting an idea approved to be put on the Trello. We have the #suggestions section but how do we go about turning those into ideas for Projects to Start. We also have Github issues that I believe could be transposed into that section as well. I personally would mind doing the conversion to get things onto Trello so people can grab them but I think that the approval process needs to be defined.

Fixed the spelling error.

And yeah I think we need to outline some sort of TOS where removal of someone from the board / work can be possible

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Marketing had a process I started initially for how to submit ideas through marketing for approval: Marketing Process Proposal - #22 by ribenaberri and iirc it was agreed each section would have its own processes relating to how things worked. The marketing proposal never passed past design stage though. But perhaps there’s some stuff in there relating to time periods etc which can be used. This proposal sat entirely separate to the suggestions, as suggestions has always sat separate too the individual contributor categories. Marketing, Design etc these would have people who are directly interested in that putting their ideas for that specific purpose in those sections to discuss and refine. Suggestions always seemed to be something which was more general where people could voice ideas which weren’t specifc to the conritbutor related things , the community can now discuss those ideas in here, and if theres a consensus which is agreed on, the revelant team i think at that point should pick it up and discuss the finer points if necessary and refine it fully THEN assign it through the trello etc to their team.

For the suggestions themselves outside of the contributor categories; a timeframe should be established where after “x” days have passed with no comments or conversation, its then decided upon by whichever team it would be relevant too; whether to appove it through to their team, or to close/archive it for a later date when more infrstructure is in place, or rule it out entirely.

So what do you think about us just getting these things setup? Get an appropriate Trello board and a similar process for each section at the moment. There aren’t really any things set in place and I think we might as well get each Trello setup and get the processes going.

Then we can add it to this guide for each section so people can hop in appropriately. I am mostly thinking that this will for now help us who are currently working on things to have a singular method for each section. Then when we do have a particular lead established they can work out the process to work out better for their team.

At the moment those working on things are so melded together between sections of Glimesh its hard to draw lines between a lot of the work we do. Just thinking it might be nice to start with a new clean slate and get going on simple set process that works for us at the moment. I’ll be honest I sometimes get lost when moving between things because it seems everything works slightly different.

I also don’t mind just being that person to throw Needs To Be Done projects on the boards. I have plenty of suggestions / ideas to get things started

I think a Trello is a good starting point at least yeah, then the teams can refine as needed for what works for them, but at least it offers up a starting point for sure.

Needs To Be Done projects need to be the things which are already approved but sure, if its something you feel you can keep on top of that would definitely be helpful! I don’t mind adding stuff if I come across something that is missing too, I could also look to add the stuff from github which is to be done onto here which would be take from the issues list:

Yeah I am just thinking that more visibility to this would help people get on board with things.

I guess the next discussion would be is the Trello - Trello

We would need to create the boards and what not but we are currently maxed out. So we would either have to pay (Super expensive unless we change how we do members) or archive (or repurpose) the existing boards.

Might be worth a whole new thread.

But to get back on track to the original topic. I think if we are going to go this route of a trello for each section the slides will need to outline the process of each section a little differently. Currently it is worded for a single Trello that embraces all divisions tasks. But I will need to rework it for each section. So perhaps we need to move forward with getting the Trellos decided if that is a route we want to go and go from there. Also probably need to give others some time to read into things as well

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Ok so I reworded this some. It still needs some work and what not but once we get the final text and agree that this process will work we can get some designers on board to make this thing actually look like a good Glimesh guide

Also this is the new Trello board. I have setup a handful of the boards to represent what this process will look like.

Disclaimer. The current tasks in there are real tasks that could be done, but some are started or need better descriptions I put them in there mainly to just be a quick example of how this would look / work

Anyone else have any feedback they wanted to add? I am going to try and get this finalized soon

Thinking about researching this as opposed to Trello

So this is the actual tool we would use for what we do. Focalboard seems a lot smaller scale

But this actually looks like something we could scale with and keep everyone in communication with each other in a more organized matter.

Its also Open Source and seems like we can integrate it as well.

Ok general text is done, and concept is done.

Basically at this point as long as everyone is fine with this being the process I think we can art it up and make it look a lot more Glimeshy and then add it to the correct pages.

So feedback and thoughts would be great so we can get this finalized.

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Part of this proposal would be that we could manage the tasks to help keep track of them. I would be fine with handling the management of the Trello boards in this. But I think that this can help organize and track tasks across the board a lot easier and will help people find things that they can assist with.

Also as part of managing the tasks I would also be willing to work towards creating more community visibility of what is out there. But that I think can be a different discussion.