Highlight new streamers with a "tag" and filter option

It may be beneficial to community-building if we can quickly identify new streamers on the platform and welcome them to Glimesh. To this end, we can add a special “tag” that can be selected from the filters at the top of category pages. We can also put a special badge next to the streamer’s tile to indicate that they are new to Glimesh.



This would not be a normal tag that a streamer could use; instead it will be an automatic flag that is assigned based on any of the following criteria being true:

  • This is the user’s first stream on Glimesh
  • It is within 7 days of the user’s first stream on Glimesh (based on stream start time)
  • This is one of the user’s first 5 streams where only one stream is counted per day (so we don’t exclude those who can only stream once or twice a week or who have technical difficulties that cause their stream to stop/start)

Looking for the community’s thoughts here!
Should I use an icon instead of a badge?
Should the criteria be greater than 7 days or 5 streams?

Personally, I like the idea of “first X streams” having a “new to Glimesh” tag. As for Icon vs Tag, I think tag is a better option overall. An icon may not necessarily be clear as to what it is for, and with it only being a set, small amount of streams being easy to understand is a must.

I think this is an overall rather elegant solution to helping new people get noticed and maybe get some initial traction without giving them preference over others.


I love this idea. Would save me so much guessing or running into that whole
Me: “Heya! Welcome to Glimesh”
Them: “Oh thanks but I’ve been here since launch lol”

I agree with Paco that the tag is good and clear. I like icons but it’s not needed in this case since it’s only a temporary automated tag.
I also think having just simple their first week count, no matter how many streams they do in that week, 7 days from their first stream start time should be plenty…provided that said first stream lasts longer than say 10 or 15 minutes because that will enable people to get their initial small test streams going in prep for their big debut stream without missing out on the tag.

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I’ve created a pull request for these changes.

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