Hiding emtpy/unused streaming categories

As we all know we are a small and growing platform. I think it is great that we have a ton of options to stream under. I.e. gaming, irl, education, tech, etc.

I also think it hurts us as well. When a new viewer looks around and there is nothing in that category, I personal feel that it makes the platform look “wanting” via out navigation options.

I am not saying let’s take them away. But could we implement something (if streamer uses “education” to stream under then, education would show up on the navigation bar for all) if a category does not have anyone using it, then that category would be hidden from navigation.

Not sure the amount of Dev hours that would take but it’s just an Idea.


For reference, we talked about this lightly in this design thread:

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I’m personally against hiding them. If we hide them, how is a casual glancer going to know we have the category at all? I’m going to give two examples here.

First, as I write this, we have no one streaming in Art, Music, Tech, or education. If anyone were to show up and those categories were hidden, how is a potential viewer or streamer to know that we have those options?

This leads me to my second example: up until very recently, Picarto had their categorization system where they hid the underused cats. This led to a situation where, while they technically allowed for music and gaming there, but it was literally buried under all the various art categories to the point that “common knowledge” was that Picarto didn’t do those categories. However, I can point out that they did redo their cats and now it’s a lot more prominent than it used to be.

If we were to hide those categories, by my example above, Glimesh might be seen as “just gaming and maybe IRL”. As someone who mainly does art and music streams, I can honestly say that would be a great disservice to the non-gaming streamers who are already having issues getting noticed due to the currently small numbers. Let’s not kill the tree before it can grow.

I see your point. My thoughts were when no one Is in those cats the would auto hide and the moment someone went live in one of those catd, the system would automatically show that cat in the navigation bar.

Maybe add a system feature where you could follow a specific cat and get notification when the cat was active.

Again just shooting from the hip at this point.

If a streamer never sees a certain category on the nav(because nobody else streams it), then they will be less likely to use the correct category in the future (or even less likely to do a stream of that type) because they would assume it never shows up on the nav bar. Honestly I’m surprised more streamers are not targeting those empty categories - if they did they would have a lock on that type of audience; it’s a great way to set your content apart from everyone else’s

I see categories as being less about showing the most popular types of streams, and more about showing the [potential] diversity of the platform (what types of content we are open to/inclusive of)

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Guess it is time for me to do more 3d printing streams then. Thanks for the feedback about this. Appreciate it!

Actually, if it helps any, I’ve always felt that the tech and IRL categories are overbroad. One of the categories I’m starting to see on other streaming services is Maker, and I think that would be ideal for your 3d printing, but that’s just me.


I feel not hiding the Cats also gives rise to the thought " no ones doing art right now, so I could be the top art streamer if I streamed now"

As well as when I look for something to watch I will typically cycle all categories starting at education and working to gaming. If there’s something new or interesting I will pop in there first. Including 3d printing streams :stuck_out_tongue:


i think a Mockup of instead of just putting Gaming if you could see each of the games that were being played and then mark a Category under with a Favorite so if you really like that game or Fishing or whatever it is something like IRL with tags you can Favorite you will be Notified of it