Good Marketing Examples

Thought I would start a thread where we can share good marketing posts from other companies that we at Glimesh could learn from. I think that this could be useful to help us define how we want our marketing to look based on other good examples. I would prefer to focus on good marketing examples rather than bad examples as I want this to remain positive.

If sharing please explain what you thought was good about the form of marketing and how you think we at Glimesh could learn from this particular post.

I will start

This was a portion of CartoonFPS’s stream. Aimlabs had recorded this and I am sure with permission shared it crediting him in the post. I think that we could potentially do the same not only to share our awesome streamers but also highlight streaming on Glimesh. Cool FTL moments, fun stream stuff, ect ect.

Per TOS we can use any content at any time but I think we should have some kind of opt in built so streamers can check a flag on their profile to signify that we can freely use and record their content. But I think this style of post would work excellent for us.

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I think this was pretty cool, we can do something like this for upcoming content previews.

So browsing through the Minecraft twitter and I think that they have a really good voice on how they do things.

I especially liked how they did this

We could probably learn some good wording / concepts from how they do things. I also think their YT videos are excellent pieces of marketing that we can learn from as well.