Glimesh Winter Logo 2021

Winter is coming in the northern hemisphere! :snowflake: And to set the mood for it on our socials, DIscord, and Guilded server, we want to change up the Glimesh logo to a winter theme, as we did for Pride month and Halloween (in the attachments for reference).

This is where you come in! Feel free to give ideas or submit a logo to fit the winter theme.
Itโ€™s an open discussion with everyone being able to give their opinions, and by collaborating we can aim to create the best seasonal logo.

Please make sure itโ€™s winter-themed! We know Christmas is big in the western world, but Glimesh is and will always be a neutral space and will keep the branding agnostic. GlimeshPride

Original Logo as promised from GCTalks :slight_smile:

Early idea I had. 3 of the logos stacked as a fir tree. Had also toyed with the idea of snow on top of it but thought it may be a bit small in reality to work as being noticably the logo. But figured id share anyway :slight_smile:


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Just come up with this, its simple and winter themed


I like it! Its like a little snowy mountain

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I like this itll show well at smaller scale too!

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