Glimesh Pride 2022 ideation

Been a little quiet lately, but I am really looking forward to this year’s Pride, especially since it was announced Glimesh would be raising money for The Trevor Project. Similar to a mood board/concept art post from a few months ago (didn’t want to bump such an old thread), this is a space to share any artwork or ideation for stream graphics for the Glimesh Pride “stream-athon” and charity drive for The Trevor Project.

It was brought up that there could be changes to the Glimesh homepage during the month of June, such as including a “widget” to display funds raised for charity drive, and/or highlighting more events using #GlimPride or other tags. The screen below is mostly background graphics that could exist as part of a “hero” section if something like it were added to the homepage. Placement of other elements such as event cards, charity drive “widget”, etc. are not decided on yet.


Ooh i do like the idea of the pride colours displayed so prominently on the homepage if we can find a way to make it work within the scope of how the current homepage works.

I do also, as a smaller design change think throughout the month the logo in the top corner would be nice if we changed it to the Pride logo we had made last year!

For context to the widget idea, not sure if it helps with visualisation at all, im unsure if theres any screenshots around but from what @mja00 was saying for the original charity stream they just basically added in the widget directly from Tiltify (Ya know the updating bar) into the homepage, thinking we could equally do similar for this one. Though this would mean reworking the current layout of the homepage for that month, something I think is defintely worth discussion/mockups and ideas around how to best make it look good :slight_smile:

Thank you for starting this thread!


I was thinking about this as well, either display it all the time, or on hover/click it could animate into the Pride logo variant.

These are pretty generic still but turned the bar one into a wallpaper. If used on the homepage, it could be a transparent png/webp to have the background color come through. Also, any possibility of having a Glimdrop emote for Pride as well? (Quick mock-up using existing :glimsmile:)

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Oh that’s a neat idea, whenever you click it to go back to the homepage it changes to it. It would be a nice lil thing and if we have pride colours elsewhere on the homepage it would also break it all up a lil bit so its not rainbows everywhere, give a bit of breathing room, else it could end up being a lot to look it for sure.

So would the intention of this be to sit behind the current home page feature stream/ behind the bit wher eit says next gen live streaming? Sorry its probably just me being a bit dense trying to get my head round the suggestion to visualise it fully!