Glimesh presence on TikTok

Hey guys, I noticed last night that Glimesh’s TikTok is pretty empty but the Glimesh tags are fairly well used… Can whoever has access to this account, look through the tagged content and start reposting/duetting their streamers that are posting to TikTok and tagging the platform? TikTok has boosted soo many streamers and I think it would be a great free tool for the Platform, and supports its own!


Hey @MsPixels, moved your comment to a new discussion. The other topic was about our marketing process more abstractly, and I didn’t want to lose your suggestion!

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@clone1018 No stress, wasnt sure what the process was :relaxed:


I currently maintain the login for the TikTok account, but honestly I don’t have the time to manage it, and I’m not quite sure I understand it :smiley:

If anyone is looking to volunteer, it could be fun & straightforward to do what @MsPixels is suggesting, and maybe as a stretch goal even produce our own short form content?

I’d consider volunteering and creating somewhat short form content based around tiktok users stiching/dueting us based on a prompt that we create would be pretty good engagement. I know we have other users in the community who use tiktok.

I’ve looked down the #glimesh posts in tiktok, and I’m having a bit of a hard time seeing what Glimesh as a platform could duet to per se although reposting user’s content onto our own page would seem like an easier task. Since they’re on tiktok everyone’s videos can be used by everyone and it would be kind of like us “boosting” a streamer. Although I am unsure if that is something that we want to do.

As previously stated it may be better to post short content that a tiktok user could duet/stitch to and we could engage with. Something like “What’s one thing that surprised you when you first got to Glimesh?” could garner a lot of duets/stiches. Then we could go to those videos and heart and comment.

Although if there are videos on tiktok that have the #glimesh on it that we (glimesh tiktok) can duet in a sense of a “reaction” video it may be beneficial as well.

I think that producing short form content on tiktok can be relatively easy to make, and it’s something that the marketing team could definitely come up with some ideas such as one I stated above just asking users their thoughts.

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Just seen Facebook Gaming has done this, something similar that had a set look (Glim colours and logo etc) that the streamers could add their clips to, then submit for you guys to post?

Just wanted to ping this thread. Is there any way that we can make some proof of concept videos and get them on here so that they can be reviewed and posted? Would love to see this take off and I think @Eternalkaz you would do a great job at this

*edit and @MsPixels

I do think clip videos would work and showcasing either a single streamer in multiple clips or a single game of multiple streamer clips… However, I also feel like this goes hand in hand with VODs, whenever that feature is launched…

I do believe @clone1018 and @ribenaberri were working on a clip submission thing that we could potentially use. Was there any updates on that?

I don’t know what type of production value we currently have nor do I know what kind of content we’re thinking of. Looks like the size is about 4GB max here unless we post it on google drive (or other sharing sites) and link it.

I agree that a vod showcase may work real well. Wherever that clip submission thing may be.

I’d love to be able to help out with creating some content for TikTok. I used to do a bit of it for a streamer friend I moderated for, grabbing various clips from her streams to post in short format there.

I think in terms of our own short form content, as well as reposting clips (once they are a think) from our users, we could probably do some prompts such as “post your biggest gaming fail” or “post your best sniper shot” and allow the community to duet/stitch it.
Early days I think it will be a bit trickier until we build up a presence there where people are likely to see the posts and interact with them, but we all need to start somewhere.

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