Glimesh Plan of Action

Hi All,

So I mentioned on Discord that I would be putting together a short plan of action for Glimesh. Thanks to a little hyper fixation on my part here it is lol.

This is a basic structure to start organizing the business aspects of Glimesh. Before commenting please fully read the document.

I will give this a little time for people to review and suggest changes. But the goal is to start executing some of these plans before the end of next week. Please feel free to post questions here in this thread.


Here is a short form for folks to show interest in volunteering.

I will follow up with the responses and plug them into necessary tasks as needed.

**Quick Edit to Form BRB

I feel like this is a great starting point however from reading through the entire thread again, I feel this plan is missing the thing that was most of the contention, which is that the Dev side of things is what needs addressing too.

Theres also no notes in this regarding making a new roadmap for what we as a community want to achieve, or a plan to create a roadmap. I feel that you have only focused on advertising, and not what the thread was about which were the main issues that were being discussed, ie. Pull requests not being addressed in a timely manner, etc… and the general frustrations of the community with lack of no growth.

I feel the main things that we need to do to help as a community to alleviate pressure from Clone is to try and take over some of the Dev work, and helping out with social media. I understand this is a first draft however I feel you have missed the major points from the discussion.

It’s a very strong starting point for a plan of action. As artofcod has already stated I think there needs to be a section for the next roadmap - something at a high level which shows the community what Glimesh are focussing on and can be shared on Social Media.

I know marketing has been raised as an issue, but I was under the impression that this would take a bit of a backseat until further down the line. As Glimesh was already experiencing reasonable growth in alignment with the size of the team involved already. However, if you think March is a good go-live date for it to start I have no queries with that.

In my opinion - for marketing it might just be worth focussing just on social media presence/engagement for now. Just to let people know that Glimesh is still fighting strong and growing.

It seems that there are perhaps other areas that need resolving first (bigger fish to fry). It’s nice to see something in writing though, that’s for sure.

So I didn’t focus on Dev as that is not really “my department”.

I am not a dev so its hard for me a non-dev to say here is an effective plan for you devs. So my goal in this would be to primarily free up Clone on the Business / Marketing end of things so that he can take those off his plate. Thus allowing him to be more focused on the dev portion.

As for the roadmap I think our current roadmap is still applicable to the goals that Clone is working on. Video improvements is something that is still being tackled and we still have raiding that will need to be worked on.

While I will say its almost done, expanding into Phase 3 I don’t think is going to necessarily improve the outlook. Instead it will raise the question of when are we going to get to this point? And why aren’t we there yet? I think instead we could probably engage marketing a bit more to highlight where we are at in the roadmap and the work being done around it. Rather than trying to establish an entire new setup.

And I do believe that if we can take some of the marketing, business, and management side of things off of Clone’s plate we can make it a lot easier for these things to be reviewed.

In the grand scheme of things though I think that working on this plan overall will help bring life to Glimesh while simultaneously freeing up Clone to focus on the platform’s core development. It would hopefully be a kill two birds with one stone type of plan.

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I’ll let @Heiwa give his say on what his plans are, but I think for Marketing specifically it would be good to get a team in place so that they can take a critical look at things and evaluate. From there we can increase our social media presence in the short term while coming up with a longer-term and more involved plan for more/different marketing.

As for the roadmap, we can add a bullet point that says “Roadmap” to the plan, but if you were around for the first few versions of roadmaps we did (and I think you were?) it tends to be a bit more involved than listing items. We take feedback and suggestions, sometimes run polls, weigh the desire against the amount of time/effort involved, and of course we have to look at just the plain old feasibility of something as well. Definitely want to get a new roadmap out, but it’ll take it’s own set of planning!


To add to the roadmap discussion. We are naturally close to the point of a new roadmap. So it will become a conversation later down the road.

I just don’t think that in the current scheme of things adjusting the roadmap is going to affect a lot for the better.

When we are ready to move on it will be a nice boost.

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Sounds good to me regarding the marketing. As I suggested on Discord, it just needed to be a bit more active/involved with the Twitter community. You guys were always on the ball with promoting events, updates on downtime and big updates, total credit for that.

Definitely, it’d be great to have a team in place for this - make Glimesh look alive and thriving again. Making word of mouth that bit more convincing, at least until you set out to market officially.

Ahh yeah I didn’t/don’t expect a full roadmap to be thrown out, but it needs to be added as a discussion/talking point to the action plan.

Great stuff guys, I look forward to reading what others have to say that’s for sure.


The roadmap gives the entire team something to focus on, and as far as I am aware Phase 2 is complete once Clone finishes the video backend. Plus the roadmap should be being planned pretty much now while Phase 2 is being completed, so we have Phase 3 ready to run with as soon as Phase 2 is fully done.

If your wanting to take charge in running volunteers for roles, then that should also include Dev work, as I mentioned above this is an area that would definitely help alleviate some burden from Clone. I just feel jumping in two feet forward without an actual roadmap of this is what we will be working towards is just not going to work.

The roadmap is a very important thing to help across all sections including marketing, business, design and development.

The last roadmap mainly focused on Development but I feel the roadmap needs to include everything with attainable goals for Phase 3. To give the volunteers something to focus on.


Agreed on the volunteer aspect,

After discussion I added a section for Development Volunteers as well.

So just want to clarify, when you are speaking of roadmap you are talking about a general company wide plan?


Made an adjustment to stage two to hopefully reflect what your feedback was

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Just a general note here that if you are returning to this conversation from earlier, the document has been updated to include a development section. If you are just now joining the conversation, be sure to read the document linked above!


As @artofcod stated the roadmap image posted is nearly complete as I have a first pass at raiding about 90% done which leaves just the “video for slow networks” as the only open point. So we devs do need some sort of roadmap or priority list that the community can agree on.

Also the document refers to using github’s issues tab to track items – my 2 cents is maybe we can stick closely to Building Glimesh instead since it is more approachable for the community and encourages more feedback from them. If desired we can leave a link in our pull requests to the relevent BG thread.

Requiring a proof of concept might be a bit much – I think most features are small enough or understandable enough that a wire-frame or picture mockup in a Building Glimesh thread would be enough to understand the intent and purpose of the feature. That said, I think it is acceptable for a proof of concept to be requested by the lead if the proposal still isn’t clear.

Those are my quick lunch break thoughts.


I agree with preferring to keep as much as possible to BG, the hope is to have less places to get all the relevant information.

As for Proof of Concepts, I think it could be something that is evaluated on a case by case basis. It’s not always going to be needed, but if necessary we could request it before approval. As you said, it could be a simple illustration, a mockup, or whatever else gets the point across.

Does that seem reasonable?

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Also, the roadmap should include features that are available on the website but are missing in mobile (a.k.a. emotes) and possibly alternative viewing devices (chromecast, firestick, roku, consoles, etc.)


I agree. Proof of concept is really only needed when it’s either difficult to convey the purpose of the change without it or it’s something so new and fantastic that you want to make sure it is even possible to do successfully.


Yeah the proof of concept doesn’t need to be something extravagant.

The issue I am trying to solve by requesting a proof of concept is someone putting a ton of work into a feature without consulting the volunteer lead and it being something that is either A) Already being worked on by another volunteer. B) Something that we wouldn’t want to integrate into Glimesh’s core features or C) the idea may be great but the implementation is not.

I don’t think the proof of concepts need to be something full blown, but like you said it would all be within reason. I just wouldn’t want someone to spend hours on a finished product before at least checking with us (Glimesh Staff, Leads, and the Community) and expecting it to become a core feature. At least this way there is a process of please submit a proof of concept before building out a fully working feature so they don’t get burnt if it doesn’t work out.

I am open to other ideas though to solve these issues.

I think it would be better to separate that out. Have a roadmap for planned work and have a wishlist for things that we want but aren’t to the point of yet or are maybe low priority compared to other items? Putting that all in one place could lead to confusion, or being overwhelmed with the amount of items.

Yeah what I was talking about was basically expanding the roadmap to now include every facet, that way it gives each section targets to aim to get completed so that we can slowly work through the phases.

Without an all encompassing roadmap for phase 3 I feel things may end up being a little bit all over the place. I understand why the roadmap was pretty much all dev stuff and thats because the main framework of the site and features needed laying out before we could really go right its time for marketing, and trying to drive traffic. However as the core framework is pretty much bang on, I think its now time to look at a roadmap for phase 3 that includes marketing, design, business and development. With the start of Phase 3 I feel that any volunteers that sign up to help will need some sort of roadmap in place so they know what the core focuses are for this phase of growth and helps for people to be delegated accordingly on tasks.


Require a building glimesh thread (either created by them or someone else) before coding. That way the community can get their input in before someone goes too far down the line.


I read thru heiwa’s document, and my first thought was that it felt like a “groundhog day” moment. We tried this in the past on discord. We can’t do the same thing and expect different results. We have learned from past experience that we struggle with project management/ leadership/ organisation. We tend to either a) go overboard with it, animosity/tensions rise, arguements break out, discussions fragment and fizzle out, and people stop helping out of frustration (because their stuff never gets used) /burnout OR b) we have no leadership, poor organisation and nothing gets done.

I’m not thrilled at the idea of having team leaders who must approve every post/change, but i also realize that there is a need for a certain amount of quality control and coordination.

I envisioned something more along the lines of consultants - people with the experience who can keep the teams on the right track. Thats why i suggested that when a role is taken over, that the person(s) previously doing it would stay on as adviser - sort of like when the old staff trains the new guy.

I think there is certainly justification for an overall coordinator of the plan. If we must have team leaders I would prefer they were not existing core-team members because a) they already have roles to fulfill b) it can appear/feel like a power-grab when long-standing members take on as many leadership positions as possible. Where leaders are required, i think they should be voted on by the teams. If necessary clone can veto the decision if they are not informed/ aligned with glimesh values/ competent/ etc enough to hold the position.