Glimesh Partnership - A Discussion

Hello everybody!

Since almost the very beginning of the platform and continuing up until today, there have always been people who have insisted that Glimesh needs some sort of partnership program. While it isn’t something we have a hard stance against, we definitely won’t be implementing any such system unless and until we can find a way to make it fit in with our ethos, our values, and our goals.

We are a platform that values every member of the community, whether they are having their first stream or are career streamers with thousands of dedicated followers. One of the stated goals of Glimesh is to give all people a fair shot and treat everybody equally across the board. We also do not hold website features or abilities behind metrics, nor do we sort by any metrics. We instead offer every single creator the same tools and opportunities to allow them to build and curate the channel that they want to have and find their own success, in whatever they measure that.

Keeping these things in mind, I have trouble finding an effective way to implement any sort of partnership program. First and foremost, one thing we absolutely want to avoid is creating “classes” of streamers where there is even the perception of one group being “better than” or “above” another. We also don’t want to artificially withhold some feature or tool, requiring creators to hit an arbitrary metric (that we historically have not cared about) all of the sudden.

Now, to the point of this post - there has been almost 2 years worth of discussion at this point. Keeping in mind the points above, what are your thoughts? Can you imagine a way that it could possibly work? What would you like to see out of a partnership program? Please add your feedback, ideas, suggestions, questions, or anything else below! I’d love to see a big community discussion about this. Maybe it will generate some good ideas than can lead to something for the platform! I appreciate you all <3


Partnerships programs in my experience provide a level of exclusivity which segregates a group from another group, I believe your intentions are on point to be very very cautious about any type of program that offers a streamer big or small an “edge” over other streamers. That being said as Glimesh grows it will become unavoidable that there will be Glimesh Users who want to be more than just a streamer or a viewer.

So as a starting foundation it may be better to look more for mentors/ambassadors who give back to the Glimesh community and help promote the platform. On other platforms I have seen partners getting angry/upset when other partners talk in their chat or non partners tag them on social media. To stay away from this using a more mentorish (I know it’s not a word) role would eliminate the negativity and promote a more approachable presence as a whole.

Where these would differ from GCT is that GCT is support directly on Glimesh whilst Mentors would be teaching/helping, holding events, promoting Glimesh virtually and physically.

Criteria wise maybe have it as a nomination process that requires a certain number to hit then is reviewed by Glimesh staff and interviewed to outlay the role.

Incentive wise, glimesh merch (hoodies, t-shirts, hats) always goes down well. A custom emblem to show you are an ambassador and then early access to test new features. Monetary wise maybe a 60/40 or 70/30 split on subs.

Hope this helps out in some way and I have more ideas if you want to talk.

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Just to quickly clarify for ChrisGTV there already is a 60/40 split for all subs

To pull in my comment from Twitter, I agree on an ambassador/mentor setup, that has as minimal impact on seperating creators from others, but does more to highlight them as important members of the community.

A way to recognize those who go out of there way to create and promote, a positive environment on the platform, as well as upholding the core values of glimesh.

As for incentives and appreciation for those ppl it may be hard, but things like early beta testing of features like the app for example, could definitely fit in there.


Yes apologies I forgot it was already 60/40. Just to further 1 of my points as well, I just logged on twitter and saw this


I’m going to say that based on my research and experience, partnerships and segregated levels of streamership (it’s now a word, I insist) are only going to bring out the worst in a lot of people, which will damage the credibility of the streamers and Glimesh. I think what we have now is fine.

That being said, streaming mentors (StreaMentors?) and creators helping out with that adds a touch of class and takes some of the load off the GCT. Have a basic question on OBS? A StreaMentor can help you out.) Got one on policy? If the StreaMentor can’t help, they can point you to the GCT. It’s a way to increase notice for some while not sacrificing what Glimesh currently has or inadvertently turning people into monsters.


i don’t think we can have partners without segregating classes.

If streamers want a challenge, rather than just recognition, then I think there are other ways we can incentivize those who are interested, to work harder and be better streamers, however they may define that. If streamers want something to work towards - a target to define their own success - then I think there a better ways to implement such things without giving them some sort of elitist label to hang over the heads of other streamers


May I suggest a Glimbassador program. All it means is that they privately get sent a small piece of swag via a unique promo code for the as a small token of recognition for their efforts leading by example to keep Glimesh a healthy/supportive platform.

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I can get behind this. Maybe a pin or a t-shirt. Something small and inexpensive and not completely segregational towards other streamers.

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Exactly my thinking. Enough for genuine recognition without it going to anyone’s head.

recognition of what though? that they are better than others? absolutely not! As thanks for their contributions to the platform? yea, maybe.

I could get behind sending out free merch as an award for streaming x number of hours (for example), but not anything akin to a youtube play button. It would have to be a non-exclusive merch item that anyone could buy.

…but I really don’t think that is in line with what this thread is about

income aside, partnership is typically more about proving to yourself and others that you’ve “made it”, that you are legit, that you are on a different level than others. People glean significant meaning from even the smallest gift, and if their legitimacy is questioned people WILL use it to prove their superiority. I just don’t think we should give them any ammo to do so

Well we can fully agree on the former. As for the latter, that’s only kinda what I’m suggesting. I’m talking about recognition for efforts to teach the community and help instill a healthy/wholesome platform. The idea is to move away from the idea of a status and boil it down to a simple gift because we appreciate their efforts to keep Glimesh ideals and values alive.

I would argue that a straightforward metric like x hours streamed is an extremely bad idea and conflicts with the whole metrics aren’t that important thing Glimesh has going for it. I’m talking about very specific cases, so specific in fact that I can’t give any examples. Also yes, definitely non-exclusive merch, hence why I suggested a simple single-use coupon code to grab one of the t-shirts or something.

We discussing the idea of partnership and potential, innovative, alternatives that are in line with Glimesh values, are we not?

I think we can all agree that kind of partnership is typical and breeds a systematic problem we’re trying to avoid, primarily by outright saying no to any kind of partnership program for Glimesh.

I fully agree but still wanted to try find a solution that was some sort of middle ground. However, I would argue that the kind of thing that would warrant this glimgift of sorts would be a clear indicator of a person who wouldn’t let it go to their head or make them feel superior, just appreciated. I’m talking about reasoning so situational and specific that it’s rare enough that people would hardly notice it was a thing.

But listen, I know it’s a rocky enough road that it’s probably best not considering. Had to try make a case though for the sake of discussion.

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And where, praytell, did you come up with that? Neither Banjax nor I said “better than others”. The award would be merely for putting in the effort to help make Glimesh a better place and to get people to come.

And what would the problem be with making it exclusive? Are you saying that anyone can be a Glimesh ambassador? Fine, no problem. Are you saying that Glimesh shouldn’t recognize those amongst its users who have gone the extra mile for the community? That’s entirely up to Glimesh and Banjax and I are merely making a suggestion.

And if people would actually use such exclusivity for superiority, then they’ve got bigger problems than “Glimesh partnership”, and I’m of the mind that they wouldn’t be a good fit for this community anyway. This isn’t about handing out ammo.

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