Glimesh on Minds

For those that don’t know, Minds is a social media site which has a fairly large creative community. I see a lot of artists, gamers, streamers and content creators on there, and a good few Glimesh streamers. I think it would be good for Glimesh to have an official profile on their not only for the community members who use the site, but also for “free” advertising. What i mean by that is, Minds has an on site currency (Minds tokens) which you can earn through interactions on the site. You can then spend those tokens to boost posts, each token being worth one thousand views. So say the Glimesh profile receives enough interaction to earn one token a day, you could boost one advertising post per week to 7k views. Maybe not as helpful as promoting on more main stream sites, but maybe a good way to advertise with no cost out of pocket

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My concern on this is where do we draw the line? Minds isn’t as big as, say, FB, Twitter, TikTok, IG, etc. I know my wife has asked why there’s no Glimesh on Diaspora (this was a serious request). I told her, “We may as well put Glimesh on, Friendster and ICQ” There’s a point that we have to draw the line somewhere.

Granted, I’m not shooting down the idea (I don’t know enough about Minds to say one way or the other save that they’re not a household name), but at the same time, we don’t want “Glimesh on Parler” (to use an unusual example) because three streamers are on it when it could potentially drain resources, have a biteback effect or detract from the overall push.

yeah sorry, maybe should’ve specified I wasn’t trying to discuss the pros and cons of various social media sites, just offering the knowledge I have of a way to advertise to a lot of people without spending money

I figured that was the case. It’s just that in the wake of the whole “Glimesh on TikTok” thread, those involved are going to have to do a very detailed and thorough case-use analysis to see if it fits Glimesh’s needs. in a perfect world, we could canvas everything (“Glimesh on Spotify! Glimesh on Livejournal!”, etc.) but obviously, that can’t be so.

I feel like you’re missing the point here lol but thanks for your input

to be honest, we are struggling to provide enough content for the social media we use already

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