Glimesh Growth / Response

This is a long post, but I put a lot of thought into it and I think it is worth 10 minutes of your time :slight_smile:

The Problem

We need to start conversations on how to handle the viewership level / community engagement we currently have. At the time of writing this there is 1 streamer live on the platform (excluding the 24/7 streams). Engagement in all other social platforms have been low. Most of the metrics have been on a downward spiral for quite some time now (with the exception of last month).

I think Glimesh needs to acknowledge that there is a problem and we all need to start talking about how to fix it. It feels like everyone knows there is something wrong but nobody is saying anything. I’m assuming there are talks among the GCT but the average community member has no idea if anything is being done. Posting on the socials about how we are aware of the state of the platform, this is not the way we want things to be, and explaining how we will go about fixing it would go a long way. Starting up the meetings could be helpful even if its just to brainstorm solutions! Simply put - It feels like we are ignoring the problem and making it far worse than it is by doing so.

I know we are waiting for the app to work on marketing and such but if we have no audience when we market we cannot convince anyone to stream here. For contributors specifically - Nobody wants to put effort into something if they think that nobody will see it. We had a good amount of people working on the site pre launch but once growth slowed the contributions slowed. Part of this was due to IRL responsibilities which is perfectly fine, but I’d wager a good amount was also based on lack of user demand.

The Good News

I don’t think Glimesh is dead because there is always a chance for recovery. We still have 45k users and some reach. If people repeatedly go back to Twitch they will come back to Glimesh but we must have something to offer. We got a small glimpse of this in our growth last month. Many of the people who left after launch briefly returned, then left as the growth slowed.

We also have the assurance that we have something that people want. All the other platforms have major problems that have not/will not be fixed anytime soon. The biggest complaint I’ve seen about Glimesh is the lack of an active audience. In addition this is the only platform where you can actively contribute to the success of the site. Everyone knows the potential this has. I could go on about FTL, transparency, open source, but if you’re reading this you already know.

I remember the early days and watching the site grow. Some of the best times I’ve had with random people over the internet :slight_smile: Based on that I know there are many people who care about the platform and want it to succeed, as well as putting in the work to do so.

I’m not blaming Clone, Paco, or any of the GCT. I’m also not trying to discount any of the contributions made. I just want to see this platform succeed.

So I have some things I want to comment on just don’t have the time at the moment. But at least wanted to reply to let you know lol

So I think we’ve hit sort of a perfect storm with growth.

1.) Streaming is down around 15% industry wide. With a lot changes in peoples IRL lives as of recently there was a lot of people who quit streaming.

2.) A lot of us have had some IRL commitments we needed to tend to.

3.) We’ve been quiet.

Now I can’t speak on the GCT side of things but we have had some discussion around potential solutions.

Right now I have seen primarily for feedback from my own POV that the majority are waiting on a mobile app and more robust features. I do know Clone and some others have been plugging away at that in an effort to get it rolling.

We have also had someone on hire for developing the RTMP side of things for Glimesh. I am not 100% certain on the status of that but that is hopefully going to solve issues for those who can’t 1.) Restream and 2.) can’t have a stable stream with FTL.

I think once we can get these two things in place it should open the door to help Glimesh become a better experience. But that being said it still leaves a gap in the marketing / communication side of things. Which leads to the question how do we communicate effectively what is going on. I know we can improve in this realm of things. I personally don’t really know the answer. More social media posts can band aid things but I think we get to a point of diminishing returns if we keep saying we are working on it but have very little tangible concepts to show. Its hard for a regular user like to grasp that coding isn’t always a progressive building method and that we can have something in the works with very little to show.

But the other side to the coin is Glimesh is more than just the site. It is the community. I do feel that we could do a better job at marketing those on the platform who are consistently showing up and show that we do have life on the platform. But the hard part is having someone who can find the content to share, create the content to share, and do the actual posting.

I think though as you said the conversation is important to have. I think we can be more creative with the tools we have at hand. We are kind of in a boat where we have limited resources. Those who have volunteered for the platform have done a ton to help us get where we are but there are daily needs of running the platform that we can’t attend to because of not being able to focus completely on Glimesh.

The other aspect I think we could probably mention a bit louder as a company is without people using the platform its hard to advertise / operate as a platform. When we get people committed to being a viewer / streamer it helps visitors see that we are lively. But when people don’t use us even to restream its hard to say look at how awesome we are. We rely on subscriptions to help keep things running but when we don’t have people to subscribe to or viewers to subscribe it does create a financial gap and doesn’t allow us to expand the team. We can’t pay payroll with no income ourselves. Its an area that we will need to explore on how to make earning an income on Glimesh more reliable so that we too can also earn an income. Would of course need to come up with some better wording but I think its an important aspect to what we do as a community driven site.

But overall I think my thoughts are that yes we could improve on communicating these things, but at the same time that communication requires someone to do the communicating. We also need to communicate that in a way that doesn’t turn into empty promises or lost hope. Silence won’t help I agree for sure, but I think poor communication can be just as damaging. We got a lot going for us. I think if we can get some of these hurdles out of the way like RTMP and the mobile app we will be in a much better position to not burn people when they first enter in. Also I am trying to work on some changes in my own life to potentially be able to do more for Glimesh as well. Hopefully what I am saying makes sense and we can spark more fruitful discussion around some things to help get some good communication out to the community to help better understand what is going on.

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Thanks for the reply! Based on your response and my own post I came up with the below things to focus on/improve.

Communication: Although it could be improved across the board we should probably focus on the following areas.

  • Progress on the mobile app and other features. It would also be nice to get an update on the RTMP status. Must be in a friendly format. Today the Event page was added, as well as some API descriptions and other bugfixes. The events page would probably be the easiest to talk about.
  • Reiterate that Glimesh is ran by volunteers. This would be helpful to explain why a feature isn’t ready yet, as well as the potential to get new contributors.
    I’m still working on the intro to glimesh API / typescript doc, should be done soon.

I’m not sure how to handle some of the bigger problems, but if we can get people to understand how things work it would help overall. If we are waiting for the app to start up marketing again we should find something to fill the gap until then. The above areas would help for a bit, but more would be needed.

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something I would seriously consider is a bounty program - not just for bug fixes, but for [roadmap?] features too. I think one of the reasons that excitement about the platform has died down is a lack of new and exciting features. The staff meetings used to have huge attendance because there was always tons of exciting things happening - both features and events. The project has stagnated a bit, which can lead people to think it’s been abandoned. I get that life gets in the way, people get busy, and that people get bored with the project. That is one of the downsides of running a company where everyone is a volunteer - there is no commitment to the business; no quid pro quo. We have some money in the bank now - Not a ton, but a not insignificant amount. If its too soon to invest in marketing than maybe we need to reinvest in the business in other ways. I know we can’t afford to employ anyone yet, but a bounty program could be the extra motivation someone needs to get re-involved, and it could bring bring in people who may not contribute otherwise.

On the flip side, this could create unfairness since the GCT, or artists, for example wouldn’t get compensated for their work, and we wouldn’t want people to feel unappreciated. I suppose we could always consider yearly bonuses or an “employee”-of-the-month type model for that though

I’ve seen this lull period as the “buckle down and get those big projects done” period. The passion and optimism for the site is still out there in the community, even the ones who may have suspended there current streams on the site.
I do know though that I’m personally more optimistic than most.

Realisticly though I think the best we can do right now is make sure people know it’s here, it’s alive, and it’s volunteers building it.

Maybe emphasize that it’s not just an alternative to other sites, but that they can actively impact how it’s built and what it becomes. It’s less a home, and more a garden that with their help can grow into something great. Keep the coals burning till we have the major features we’re waiting for.

I myself want to contribute more, and with snow soon coming and work winding down so I will have shorter than 11hr workdays I can focus more energy it. Brute forcing my way through understanding full stack and learning elixir whilst having no previous experience haha. Ive gained html and css knowledge so far but should be able to participate more in the coming months.


That’s an interesting idea. I think it would bring in a few people, but as you said it may discourage people who have contributed in the past and didn’t have the bounty. I think it would be pretty neat to add a contributor style to the site (colored names such as the GCT, supporter, etc). It could probably be automated through the Github API, but all non dev contributions would have to be a manual entry.

100% this ^^ As long as we can show them that its active and improving it would go a long way.

If you have any questions about learning the Elixir stack let us know :slight_smile: There are a few people in the discord who can help you if you need it.

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I think what also needs to be done, quite frankly, is a small series of videos from the staff and volunteers, stating that Glimesh is still in the race. People are hearing nothing and that silence is a deafening roar. Even if it were just a couple of videos, a minute or two, showing the passion of those who still care and want to further the project, it would go a long way.


I’m glad to see social media becoming more active. Also really happy that GCT talks is back. Keep up the good work!

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I think another thing Glimesh should do is accept help. For months people offered to help on various aspects of the company with community/ dev / marketing to instead of being listened to, be shut down. I think that that’s been a big issue too. If someone yells at you and such, it’s like: why do I even bother - and that’s what happened a lot with this product.

Learn to let yourself go, ego and such included and listen. When you listen to people, you will get the help you need. If someone wants to do something solo, let them, you can disagree afterwards.

But let someone be in their worth. That way many would of stayed and kept helping. Now, people have fear of helping, fear of being shut down. And that’s not how it should be.

If that issue gets resolved and people listen, Glimesh will be able to grow. Just listen to your community. They need you as well as you need them.


In my opinion, the biggest impact that has made the platform overall seem much quieter than what it really is, was the transition of everything from the discord. Affectively the discord is now just general chit chat and that’s all, whereas previously that was the main vocal point so it always seemed busy and felt like a community. Personally I’d just revert back to the old use of the discord. Granted a platform like this one is useful when things are booming, but it’s no where near that level yet and just not needed.