Glimesh General Contributor Guidelines

Hi All,

Here is the initial guidelines for Contributing to Glimesh. This document will become the foundation to contributing to Glimesh. Think of this as the initial outline and further details will be shared for each specific team. Paco, Kristoff, and I worked on this general document.

Any questions, concerns, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Here are the Design Guidelines. These will need an additional portfolio designed to add to them.

Here are the Business Guidelines

Marketing, Development, and the sign up form are still WIP.

I am thinking once these are all done we will make them a pinned topic in each of the respective forums so that they are easily found for reference.

Thank you for this! It is a good start – looking forward to more details soon.


Marketing now finished. Just dev and team lead documents left.

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Still working on the team leads doc and the dev doc. Got the flu followed by a cold lol… Finally back into the swing of things. So hoping to get those two out soon.

Ok after the flu and a big project at work these are finally mostly finished. But that should complete these guidelines.