Glimesh Design Portfolio

Hi All Design Team people.

We are in need of a Glimesh design portfolio to showcase our different designs and show as examples to help be a starting point for future designs.

Hoping to see if there is someone who would be willing to put something together.

The goal will be a simple and clean document highlighting the designs. I would also love to credit the original artist as well in this document.

Glimdrop_Styleguide.pdf (2.9 MB)
StyleGuide_v1.1.pdf (1.3 MB)

(There is also the official Glimesh style guide which talks on typography and such but its too big a file to share here so Heiwa i will send it to you on Discord and you can filter it where needed)

These may help as a starting point, they’ve been knocking round for a while now. Hopefully the team can make use of them.

Thanks Berri!

I will get these added to the design contributor document

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