Glimesh Contributor Form

Hi All,

Its a little later than I had hoped but here is the Glimesh Contributor Form.

There is no requirement to fill out this form, it is primarily here to help me and team leads to keep track of who is available or wants to contribute and what areas interest them.


This form is primarily for organization so that I know who is open to being contacted, tagged, or pinged on contribution opportunities for which teams. It helps me and in the future team leads to know who is open to contact.


Do we need to fill this out if we only want to accomplish a specific task?

For example, I’m happy to continue to maintain the API documentation and work on the occasional PR, but my time is very limited for anything else ATM. If someone fills out the form, will they be expected to do other tasks or is it just a requirement before starting a potential feature/idea for Glimesh?


Hi Mytho,

Joining this team is not a requirement to be able to contribute to Glimesh, and never should be. At the core, it’s a system we are trying to develop and tweak to streamline and organize contributions to the platform, no matter where they come from. Contributions are welcome from anybody at anytime (subject to review and approval of course). From the General Contributor Guidelines:

Commitment Expectations

  • Committing to become a contributor with Glimesh should not be a stressful or hard experience. Our expectation is only that if you commit to work that you follow these standards.

    • You can perform the work requested
    • You can perform it in the requested timeline
  • If you cannot keep a commitment please communicate this prior to the timeline set with your team lead.

  • If a contributor consistently misses a commitment without communication they will be removed from the contributor program.

  • All commitments and timelines are negotiable and must be agreed upon by contributors and lead.

As you can see, it’s set up to help organize, focus people on tasks that need attention, and streamline the flow of contributions (and likely the review of those items as well). @Heiwa May have more to add here, but the bottom line is that this team is simple a way for Glimesh and the community to work more closely together.

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Hey Mytho,

As Paco said no there is no requirement to join a team or fill out the form. Basically this form is just there to help people express interest in contributing so that we know how to contact them on Discord and that they are interested. I think sometimes someone may express interest in Discord for example but it gets lost to the hustle and bustle there. This helps at least organize who wants to help contribute and where they want to offer so when the time comes we have a list of who to ask. Hope that makes sense

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Like @Mytho I was confused as well. I filled out the form thinking it would be necessary for all current contributors to show their agreement with the new general contributor guidelines linked to it.

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Its helpful to know who wants to contribute but I wouldn’t want it to become a requirement to fill out the form.

Is there anything you think might be helpful to change that would make this more clear? Maybe a similar explanation just above the questions?

Edit - Also @Mytho would love to know if you had any thoughts as well if there is anything that you think might clear things up?

A simple explanation above the link in the original post would help. Clarify that this is a way to see who is committed to working in a specific area, rather than a requirement to work on anything Glimesh related.

Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:

I don’t have any other suggestions. I’m waiting for the dev guidelines document to suggest improvements.