Glimesh Community Pride

Welcome to a very special announcement from the GCT outlining a large-scale upcoming community event in June for which we are inviting everyone to get involved!

This show was hosted by ArtofCod, Berri, Britsurugi and Paco1342.

This show aired on 5th May 2022 at 6pm ET. All dates referred to in this blog are correct at the time of the show airing.

The Outline

Presented by Berri

Welcome everyone to the announcement for Glimesh community Pride. As a lot of you will know, Glimesh has a long history of supporting charities and causes through donations and streams on the platform, in particular are Pride charities, dating right back to the original charity stream which kick started Glimesh. This year we want to take this to the next level and raise more money than ever before with a month long charity drive throughout June for Pride month bringing together Glimesh and the wider community. We are announcing this today a month ahead of the celebrations as we invite the community to make plans to get involved and voice ideas to help make this as big as possible.

We are asking you, the community, to come together and help us raise a collective total to help those within the LGBTQIA+ communities who need help. To rise up as a community and take Pride in what we can achieve together because while we can’t cancel the evil and hate in the world, we can fight back against it and provide a small, bright, and unwavering light in the darkness and together. Glimesh can be that glimmer of hope to those in need, help give them a place they feel safe and welcome, and with events such as Community Pride, we can come together to achieve something which will create a positive impact on many lives.

The Chosen Charity

Presented by Britsurugi

Our charity of choice for this event is The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project are a very known safe-space, lifeline, and source of enduring advocacy for young LGBTQ lives, helping to guide them during tough times and prevent self harm and suicide. We wanna aid them in their mission to make this world a safer and kinder place for everyone, especially in these particularly confusing and trying times for trans and non-binary young people. We will of course have many links and bits of information available to you all during our Glimesh Community Pride Event, but you can learn everything there is to know about this charity group and their goals at, and click around in their “About Us” section.

Panels and Talk shows

Presented by Paco1342

When we were discussing different things we could do for our Glimesh Community Pride month events, we realized something very important. There are so many people out there with valid experiences, opinions, concerns, worries, and ideas that deserve a voice. Our goal for the month of June is to run a series of panels featuring guests who are either a part of or directly involved with LGBT communities in some way. They may be streamers, viewers, or even people who aren’t currently part of the Glimesh community at all! This is something that is bigger than us and involves all people, and we didn’t want to limit our choices so we could bring you the most entertaining or informative guests possible. If you are interested in speaking with us on a panel, or know somebody who would be, please reach out to us! The easiest way would be to send an email to, but any way you can contact us can start a conversation.

We’d also love to hear from the community regarding the content of our panels - what would you like to see in these panels, what questions would you like answered? Please let us know in the suggestions channel of discord or on twitter. We’re really excited about starting important conversations and hearing people’s stories, and hope we see you guys there throughout the month!

Community Involvement

Presented by ArtofCod

If you wish to get involved click on the events section of the website and then click on submit event, and fill out an events form to start the process!

It’s completely up to you how you wish to run your event, if you want to add incentives go for it, if you want to just stream and post the link that’s cool too. As we have seen from other previous charity events Berri ended up with a PacoTaco tattoo, Paco1342 ended up with a Glimesh tattoo, TheBusRide dyed his beard blue and ArtofCod is booked in to get his very own Glimesh tattoo. How far you wish to go is completely your choice!

Events that are organised as part of the Glimesh Community Pride will have their own pride tag designated on the calendar to make them easier to keep track of.

You will be streaming from your own channels but will have access to all of the overlays to add during your stream with the totaliser and notifications on! As well as the links for posting in chat to allow people to donate to the cause.

Some members of the GCT will be also attempting a relay stream to see how long we can go by tag teaming with each other!


  1. Will everyone be using the same donation link?

    A. Yes! The aim is to get the community to come together alongside Glimesh to help raise a single total, all on behalf of Glimesh and the community

  2. I don’t want to play any games, can I still do an event for Community Pride?

    A. You absolutely can! We invite people to take part and stream whatever content they feel happy with whether it be IRL, Art, Education, Music , Tech or Gaming - the choice is entirely yours!

  3. Is there a minimum length of time I need to do my charity stream for?

    A. No. How long you want your stream to last is entirely up to you. While some people want to stream for 24 hours, others can only spare a couple of hours. It all adds up to one team effort, no matter how much or little you stream for this event, it will all be appreciated.

  4. Will taking part in the Community Pride streams impact on the 30 day event rule?
    A. Nope! If you stream as part of Community Pride this will not impact on any of our regular rules for events.

  5. Can I do more than one stream for Community Pride throughout June?
    A. Yes you can. How many streams you wish to do to support this cause is entirely up to you!