Glimesh Commercial

So I have a random idea for a Glimesh commercial that I want to start putting together. But I was hoping to get some help in collecting some clips for it. The clips I am looking at specifically getting would be these.

Goal : 45 second video
Pace : Exciting, fast, explosive
Mood : Epic, Cinematic, Energetic
Theme : Only on Glimesh

1 - Streamer and chat having a counting war the streamer basically asks chat how high of a number can they get to in 10 seconds. Then proceed to go back and forth. Streamer says 1, chat says 2, streamer says 3. Purpose of this clip is to demonstrate how fast chat is. Would love to have the entire Glimesh window captured

2 - Would love to have a clip of a Streamloots card being used and the streamer being able to instantly react to the card.

3 - Need some epic stream moments with chats reaction on screen. Would be awesome if we could get the entire Glimesh page captured for this one

4 - Need some clips of streamers reacting to their custom emotes. The faster the better

5 - Need a clip of a streamer reacting to a sub the moment it happens

6 - Need some funny stream moments with chats reaction.

Additional resources needed

Glimesh stinger transition. Think opening to video.

Template for lower thirds that I can add a streamers name easily. Would like something minimal and simple.

Then need some music, but I would want to see clips first before doing something like that. Got to make sure the music fits the clips.

It would be nice if these clips could be naturally happening but most of them could be something that we could setup. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with a little bit of good acting for some of these.

I will be at some point creating a short timeline of what the commercial would look like in my mind.


This is probably going to be a long WIP so nothing that anyone should rush to get.

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I can hook you up with the stinger we’ve been using the on the videos so far if you want it :slight_smile:

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That would be great. Thanks Berri

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Check the Discord. Simy and I did a few back at the beginning of the year, so they should still be there.

i still have the editable lower thirds file I used for the glimtips somewhere. it’s an after effects one tho- but I could render them for you without a problem when there is a final list of streamers involved in it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks for the heads up.

A lot of the needs were here for me just to remember what I needed to get as well. I will look back and find those.

a more exciting scene might be a streamer driving fast in GTA - “how to I get to [insert landmark here]?” and chat guides them turn by turn in real time

or (slightly less exciting, but realistic) a streamer elytra flying minecraft - “let me know if you see [insert small landmark]”. streamer misses landmark but chat responds in real time as they fly over it, in time for them to land.

It might also be good to contrast it against a dramatized version of the same scenario on “other streaming sites” consisting of chaos as the streamer gets confused trying follow chats instructions with 5 seconds of delay

We don’t need to cram them all into one commercial either, but there could be a dozen or so shorter “only on glimesh” themed ads running at the same time

sidenote: I think its also important that if we are using genuine (non-staged) clips of livestreams that we shoutout the streamer as well (show name or channel link in the commercial)

I like the idea of directions. I think that could work out well.

Yup I would agree and that would be the goal of the lower thirds.