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Hey All,

So for the business team we currently do not do any reoccurring reporting analytics. We have two sources that we could be drawing data from and that is


Not all the data in Plausible is accurate because of how the pages are designed. Per Clone

" The stats relating to bounce, time on site are not accurate"

What I would like to figure out is

  • What reports would be useful?

  • What is a reasonable frequency for updating these ideas?

  • How would we want to deliver these reports?

  • Are there other sources we could be drawing reports from?

@skonzii thought you might be interested in putting in some thoughts on this one here.

My initial quick thoughts on some useful reports.

View Counts / Number of Streams - W/ Percent change month over last month

Page visits month to month w/ percent change

Subscriptions w/ percent change

What I am not 100% sure is the best way to present these details. My thought is that we could present them in blog form and just have it be a once a month update. Using Google sheets we should be able to make simple graphs / charts and we can add them to blogs. Open to other ideas.

Thanks for the tag, Heiwa.

I think the first step is clarifying if we’re talking platform or individual user metrics. I think both are important. I suspect we’re focusing more on platform metrics right now, but I’ll throw some ideas for both just so they’re documented.

Some high-level thoughts of reports that jump out as being useful:


  • *Growth (number of active users over time)
  • *Subscriptions (month over month)
  • *Live streams (number of streams per day)
  • *Peak views (per day; as it is listed now makes sense)
  • *Views per day (total views; views per channel; month over month comparison)
  • *Source of visit (Plausible has this, but what is it measuring? Views to the homepage? Any page? does it have detailed info that could help track who uses the homepage vs. gaming vs. music, etc.?)

All of these exist today in some format or another. I think we can do a better job gathering and presenting this information in a way that is helpful and easy to digest.

I agree with your take that a percent change each report out time frame makes sense. If we’re graphing this that is helpful as well. Understanding the current state of the business as well as, historically, how it has been performing.

It would be ideal to track when initiatives happen - a big charity event that is advertised, a social media push, etc. so it can be used with these metrics to gauge impact.

Schedule: Having a monthly report with month over month comparisons (year-over-year long-term) would be ideal. This could be presented monthly in the board meetings.

Presentation: Any sort of dashboard-type layout would be ideal whether this is a push or pull report. I’m thinking even if we pull this data monthly to present in board meetings, having a cleaned up dashboard look would be ideal to add to the presentations that Clone talks through. I think Google Sheets could probably do most of this in a decent way.

Other data sources: I’m not an expert here at all. The only real web analytics I’ve had experience with is Google Analytics and it seems Plausible does some of that. I believe the info Clone pulls for the board meetings may come from GA - can we get additional info from there?

views (currently you can get peak viewers per stream)
followers (month over month)
subscribers (month over month)
Sources (how do people find these streams? I suspect most are direct linked but it could be helpful for individual creators if they had that data)

Presentation: For this I think a dashboard-like presentation is best. Just a quick table with 4 or 5 fields of the information people are interested in. Maybe a second row of content for “month to day” or “last month” or something like that to give people a bit of insight.

From what I remember of Plausible (and its been a while) you can change the page it metrics for so you can break it down by page so homepage /gaming for the gaming category and so on. I THINK that also works for users too from what I remember, but it should at least suit for the purpose of differing pages and tracking specific page growth. :slight_smile:

Again Plausible can do this through their API I believe - but that is something which would be better suited towards the technical team once thats up and running. But if you want some context : Pull individual streamer website analytics from Plausible · Issue #590 · Glimesh/ · GitHub this is an older GitHub post now, but if anything the API calls are likely to have been improved since then, but it gives you the idea on the granulation possible :slight_smile:

basically everything you have mentioned is nicely presented on our Open Data page, with the exception of plausible metrics which are largely inaccurate due to technical reasons, so it wouldn’t make much sense to use them

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Ironically, us making this data public may be part of the reason glimesh is perceived as “dying”. it is a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy - people see the graph dive and they leave the platform, which has a compounding effect over time

I don’t disagree that the site-wide stats that I’d be interested in are on that page. I think we have different ideas on what “nicely presented” means, tho. :wink:

I think there could be a much cleaner approach to sharing metrics that makes it very easy, at a glance, to understand current state and trends. I don’t hate how they’re presented here - I think these graphs are useful - but I think there’s some simplicity lacking.

I can’t speak to Plausible but if the metrics are unreliable then is there another option? I think there are useful items here but not if they’re inaccurate.

The only things to my knowledge that Plausible cannot get us an accurate number on are bounce and time on site. Other than that most all of the data from there is all good.

And for self fulling prophecy my hope is we can start getting things kick started to get the platform back into a consistent growth pattern. Statistically speaking as well we do have a upward trend when you take out launch.

So for an MVP (minimum viable product) report offering I am thinking that maybe we do a shared Google Sheets Doc. Its pretty simple to get the data into a chart form with sheets that would be easily understood.

We can then take a screen shot of those and post them monthly in blog form. Adding a blog post to the site is a rather simple process and just requires some Markdown. Either that or we could keep a Building Glimesh post going where these reports can be housed.

Do you all think that these would be feasible to report monthly on? Can we expand that scope or should we narrow it?

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The “current visitors” is wildly inaccurate without a doubt

This approach makes sense to me. I think a monthly report out should be easy enough to accomplish.

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Ok thoughts on this for an initial report?

I added another column to show growth over the previous week. I plan on making a section showing month over month growth as well and I broke out the charts so they can be viewed individually. Also added a section showing the total average growth of each column.

Hoping this way it will make the overall numbers a lot easier to review