Glimesh Banner Ads

So I have been noticing that we have been talking about advertising on social media sites and by word of mouth. Have we thought about doing banner ads or something along those lines on different websites? Maybe video ads? There are a lot of sites that could be hosted on. Just have to figure out the right one.

I realize that costs money but there could be a certain budget that is allocated. From my experience, there is decent traffic that sees and clicks on banner ads. Getting our name out there and showing a presence tends to help even if the banner has few clicks. Even if the budget is $500 or $1000 a month with targeting specific regions of the states and maybe other countries to show a presence helps.

To help with ROI (Return on investment) there could be a community challenge for people to create the banner or even create a video if a video ad for YouTube or other sites was an option. With the challenge, there could be a top three pick from what was created and then allow the community to vote on the winner. By doing that, would help empower others because we are interested in their work and value what they have done and we value their opinion on what is shown to potential new members of Glimesh.

Just a thought of course. If it doesn’t happen then that’s cool. I know sometimes in order to make money, you have to spend money. Just depends on how much of a ROI you would be willing to risk.

Also, apologies if this has already been discussed. I tried to find it but I couldn’t seem to.

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Banner ads are definitely something worth looking into once it’s time for a big marketing push. It’s all about finding the right place to do it! If it’s good value, then we don’t mind paying for marketing, but we will want to be smart and make sure we are getting the most bang for our buck, obviously.

As for the community challenge, it’s a possibility! We’d just want to be wary of making it seem like we are just tricking people into making things for us lol. We already work closely and fully collaborate with the community when it comes to marketing and designs, so if somebody has something they’d like to offer we are always receptive to it!

Thanks for the post and opinions, always great seeing a new face posting here!

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I was talking with one of the GCT about this in my stream

“Wouldn’t it be awesome to buy video ad space on twitch” how awesome and funny would that be? Or run an Ad campaign on Facebook, or even video ads on youtube…

Never been done, use your competitors to your advantage.


Mind you this is why they call me Evil

I’ve done that before with competitors in my area. I’ve done google ads so if people searched key words then my company would be at the top. Can get a little pricey. I think it was $35 a day + clicks on the ad to go to the website.

Youtube is also pricey. I had a budget of $1500 and the ROI was pretty trash. not to mention I hated the billing and the user interface is awful to navigate and they also charge every time someone clicks on the link. I had better luck on Pandora than YouTube to be honest.

I’ve done Facebook/Instagram ads and they are pretty cheap for the most part. Just depends on the size of the banner and how long you want it up for.

Snapchat is a good place for ads but I HATED the billing. It would charge me EVERYDAY. So I would have so many receipts that it was a headache. They offer PO’s but you have to be approved by Snapchat to get that set up.

TikTok is kind of iffy. They go based off a token purchase. So you have to buy so many tokens and then you get that ad space based off that. I was going to try it but it wouldn’t accept my credit card. Also, the whole setup looked a little sketchy and I didn’t feel to comfortable with them.

I fully respect not wanting to push marketing ads right now. Just some food for thought once Glimesh decides to do a big marketing push.

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