Glimdrop Thread - Test

As advised by Clone1018 in regards to Community made Glimdrop emotes, please find attached one of my Glimdrop designs in a PNG format.

Name - GlimMindblown

Unfortunately I am unable to attach SVG Files within this forum.

Oops, can you try now? Just enabled it!


It appears to be uploading now, however I can not see the image in this forum

From the looks of it the SVG is blank. Maybe the forum is stripping something out! Let me check through the settings, thanks for helping us test!

Hi Clone,

I’m just thinking, I had to use a PNG to SVG converter online for this image as my photoshop wouldn’t allow me to save in an SVG format.

I’m wondering whether the PNG can be opened in Illustrator (don’t have that :sweat_smile:) and then saved as an SVG, would this possibly work to be able to see the SVG Image ?

Global site emotes need to be native vector formats so they can scale well with any content we could use them for. I’m not sure exactly what the best tools for doing that are, but generally speaking we wont accept a bitmap image converted to a vector.