Glimdrop inktober Halloween

The minute you start telling people that that’s how they should design their glimdrops is the minute you limit designers and basically tell them if they don’t do exactly that then they are a failure. Best is to just show one glimdrop / show the colors normally used for mouth eyes body and then let the rest be complete freedom. That way you let artists do what they wanna do. i would if I was send samples of Jer his work and mine is not exactly as perfect as his I would not even send anything in. Cause I would let my anxiety take over. Hope that feedback helps. What you can do is a event maybe this month where you also let designers compete while they stream their procress of creating the glimdrops and then see what happens.

This is a non competitive thing. This is entirely some fun for people and not aimed solely as designers anyone can take part, even if someone wants to hand draw an image or a child wants to draw it. The idea is to get everyone from all walks involved if they want too :slight_smile: any competitions etc would be entirely separate to this conversation and don’t belong on this thread. Let’s keep on topic.

Myself and @chris are going to go ahead and plan this with our initial ideas this time due to the short timeframe seem as it seems like people generally like the idea of an inktober style.

For next year we shall look to plan further ahead but this would definitely be cool to make a yearly thing as a bit of fun with the whole community!


Sounds like a plan I think it would work out just fine and would be a fun community piece

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These are now all created and schedule within the marketing Trello!

Week 1: Trello
Week 2: Trello
Week 3: Trello
Week 4: Trello

Big thanks to @chris for doing the art! Final step will be collect what every draws and put them into a montage for the 31st. But this thread is now complete. Hopefully we can get some metric updates from twitter after the conclusion of this event. Thanks all!


@Paco1342 @ribenaberri @clone1018 Is there someone dedicated to posting this or would you like me to go ahead and get Week 1 posted?

Also should we get this on Insta and FB?

I was going to message and ask if you would mind actually in about… 4 hours is around peak time if I am not mistaken? As Paco is unavailable at the moment :slight_smile: I do not have access to socials.

It will be fine to go on facebook I think because facebook just resizes, but it wont fit on instagram it would need to be resized to be completely square and I am unsure if @chris would be available to do so. (not to mention it is very last minute)

I am totally unaware to how Insta works lol. Its fine if we can’t transition it over. It technically will add to the end goal of a collage as well.

We can put those two off. But I will get this posted later today. I didn’t realize there was a peak time. I think I need to learn more how this social thing works haha

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When I make the end collage I will try keep in mind for other platforms and make varying sizes :slight_smile: Week 1 Posted!

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I forgot the alt text… Assuming that can’t be added?

instagram allows to post rectangular pics aswell for a few years already. when you click on the new post section and then zoon out- it will allow you to use the original image ratio (to a certain extend only). i tested it with the week one, it works just fine with the image ratio I chose. its basically 4k, but not as wide as a 16:9 screen. less width.

Week 2 is scheduled for October 11th at 2pm EST

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Wait 11th? It should be today, last one was posted 7 days ago today. The whole thing is intentionally only 28 days long so we have time to collect entires to collage, so runs Friday to Thursday each week. Giving me and chris 2 days to polish up collages come final week to post for Halloween. It may be a little quiet on uptake right now but if it gets a little busier we need those 2 days for collecting and tidying in time.

We also indicated on the marketing trello I linked above the days for them to be posted out :slight_smile:

You mean that date in the title of the card that I happened to just glance over :stuck_out_tongue:

I will get it changed over thanks for the heads up lol…

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Thank you kindly! :smiley:

All scheduled and ready to go today

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@clone1018 is there any way of us having the breakdown of impressions, retweets etc for each week we posted these please uploaed into here?

Thank you!